Subway Strangler Daniel J. Penny Charged With Manslaughter Awaits Scam Trial? Part 3.


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Some People Have A Face That Looks Like That Of An Alcoholic/Lush

While we cannot speak to the operation of the mind of the Subway Strangler Daniel Penny to certainly make pronouncements that he was dispatched to the Subway’s F train to assassinate Jordan Neely on behalf of one or more of his victims: nor should we say with certainty that he was not a hired assassin. 

They should not entirely rule out a charge of murder one. Mr. Neely was known on the Subway as a Street Performer in better days. Still, according to reports, when Neely became unstable, he was also known to have assaulted some people, including an older woman. Was Daniel J. Penny hired for revenge? The police wanted Neely for assault, and the police knew where to find him — so did Daniel J. Penny. It would be interesting to see a log of the Subway Strangler’s phone record to check for connections to Neely’s victims.

Most states in America will not sentence someone to death if they have a documented history of mental illness. What ” reason ” led Daniel J. Penny to act with malice of forethought, prejudice, and a depraved heart towards Jordan Neely? A deep dive into his phone records must come into play.

According to eye and ear witnesses, other passengers on the F Train told the Subway Strangler that he was killing Neely. However, he refused to discontinue the deadly chokehold. Was this (the Subway Strangler’s) Daniel J. Penny’s first kill or the only one caught on video in a public space? It took a while before they caught Ted Bundy.

New York DA Alvin (Skag) Bragg, who has never seen the killing of a Black man he didn’t celebrate, has yet to charge the Subway strangler, Daniel Penny. Bragg likes to perform his job based on wealthy White New Yorkers’ public opinion, not justice or law.

After the defendant’s attorneys learned that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg planned to charge him with one count of felony second-degree manslaughter murder on May 12, the Subway Strangler — at about 8:00 a.m. on Friday, he turned himself in at the NYPD 5th Precinct for processing. About one hour later, NY Police escorted Daniel J. Penny, flanked by his attorney Thomas Kenniff to Manhattan Criminal Court for a celebrity-style arraignment.

Attorney Thomas Kenniff is a right-wing extremist who ran against DA Bragg in the last election.

He’s known for defending and raising money for right-wing extremists from the January 06 insurrection.

So far, right-wing supporters have donated almost $3,000.000 to the Subway, Strangler’s party, hate, and defense fund.

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