Minneapolis Burning: Police Officer Derek Chauvin Chokes A Man To Death For Allegedly Using A Fake $20 Bill.

Forty-one million unemployed Americans: A powder keg in the making? The Devil finds work for idle hands.

How much is a human life worth? Is it worth $20, $50, $100, one million dollars, or is it worth one billion dollars? Or is a human life of no value at all to some in law enforcement?

Hundreds of Minnesotans rise up in protest after a policeman used a Minneapolis Police Department sanctioned chokehold on 46-year-old George Floyd, a man that reportedly attempted to use a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill at a neighborhood supermarket to make a purchase.

<strong>Minneapolis<strong> <strong>Burning looting shooting that stem from the murder of an unarmed black man George Floyd<strong>

It was just after 8:00 p.m. on Memorial Day when police dispatchers dispatched available police units to Cup Foods store, located on the 3700 Block of Chicago Avenue South. Floyd who was the reason for the call that advised police that someone was attempting to use forged documents to make a purchase.

Floyd remained at the location until the police arrived. Staying on the scene could be an indication that he was not aware that the bill was fake, and as a consequence, he waited for PD to arrive.

After a brief conversation with the first two officers, Floyd was escorted from his vehicle — and the two other occupants of the blue SUV exited the vehicle as well. Shortly thereafter, a zombielike officer Derek Chauvin is seen on video using his left knee to suppress Floyd’s carotid arteries and ultimately cutting off the blood flow to Floyd’s brain, face, and neck.

<strong>Angry protesters include gang members agitators as well as peaceful residents seeking justice<strong>

  While on the ground, Floyd begged for his life and several bystanders pleaded with Chauvin to not kill him, instead, Chauvin aided by three other officers taunted and mocked him. “Get up, get in the car,” Chauvin said while pinning the victim to the ground for nine minutes. Eventually, Floyd died there on the street/pavement in the presence of the people who passively tried to intervene.

A reckless president Trump incites more police violence and brute behaviors.

When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” These are the words of a Recalcitrant and cowardly President Trump in reference to the thug rioters who have chosen to take advantage of a dire situation. Inadvertently, Trump is also calling for the death of peaceful protesters at the hands of militant cops.

Minnesota State police, taking their cues from Trump, arrested a CNN journalist (Omar Jimenez) and two of his crew members. Trump has long declared war against CNN and its reporters who he deems and labels as “Fake News.”

The call for excessive police violence by Trump is a stolen line from by Miami’s police chief, Walter Headley, used in 1967 when he addressed his department’s “crackdown on slum hoodlums.”

Two days after the public execution of George Floyd, the Minneapolis Chief of police Medaria Arradondo (with the blessings of the mayor, Jacob Frey) fired the four main antagonists: Derek Chauvin and three other officers on scene at the time of the killing — including Tuo Thao a cop known for his brutal actions against Minneapolis residents.

When the unwarranted police killings stop, the burning and looting will stop.

Staff Writer: Gail Evans

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