President Joe Biden Announced His Re-election Bid To Continue The Sad Side Show. A Second Term?


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335 Million Americans.

This morning (Sleepy Joe Biden) released a video asking voters to give him another chance at doing nothing for them. “Let’s finish the job,” he says. Maybe Biden woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or perhaps he was home asleep while the video played?

In 2020, most American voters placed their trust, hopes, and dreams in Joe Biden to help guide them to a better future and help with their current life choices.

Joe Biden accepted the offer, then as President, he turned around and sold them and their dreams down the drain. It is easy to say he’s tried his best, but he is not up to the challenge. Well, he reads a teleprompter better than most politicians.

After 27 months of squandering the inheritance of the American people, today Biden came before America asking voters to give him a second chance to continue selling them down the drain and screwing them over. Here’s a reach-around, pick up the soap, Biden says to the unsuspecting spectators. In 2020 most voters knew Biden was a bumbling train wreck — but they needed hope — they needed someone to deliver them from Donald J. Trump and his dangerous antics of playing a national Russian Roulette. “Let’s Finish The Job.”

Two of Biden’s 2024 Potential Presidential Challengers: Trump and DeSantis. Clown to the Left, Joker to The Right.

Polls show 70 percent of voters believe Biden is up to doing the job as President, only 26 percent of Americans think he’s capable of doing the job. Of 335 million Americans, there has to be someone qualified to lead.

Two of Biden’s Potential 2024 Presidential Challengers: Trump and DeSantis. Clown To The Right, Joker To The Left.

Biden is running on the economy, Roe v Wade, freedom, gay rights, voting rights, and the infrastructure bill — Biden has yet to create one new job. Americans have yet to see any improvements in their roads, bridges, or Cable bill. Cable companies have gotten more affluent, and most people have gotten poorer since Biden has taken office. Women and their bodies?? — homelessness has increased, rents and mortgages have skyrocketed.

Will the 2024 presidential race be a contest between Biden and ex-president Trump? For Donald J. Trump, the question remains the same for America — ARE YOU ENTERTAINED? Yes, the former President entertained us during his presidency. But former President Donald Trump’s entertainment came at a high price. The price tag “almost” cost America its democratic principles and ideals. 

On January 6th, 2021, when Trump brought America to the brink of destruction and showed it the door that leads to the precipice of hell, the possibility of how easy it was to get to an end its grand experiment.

Out of three hundred and thirty-five million Americans, there has to be one qualified person to lead the nation — not run the country into the ground — run the country for better, not for worst. “Let’s Finish The Job” of ruination? We don’t think so, Mr. President.


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