France, A Nation On The Brink. 45 Thousand Cops Deployed To Quell Protests.


“You get the feeling our police are becoming like America’s,” said Marine Tondelier, a leading French politician. 

Last Tuesday, when two France motorcycle cops pulled over a seventeen-year-old Algerian boy for reckless driving, they did not know this traffic stop would alter their normal lives forever. The 8:00 a.m. traffic stop would force right-wing French President Emmanuel Macron to deploy 45 thousand of police officers to quell nationwide riots and bring the nation to the brink of

The mother of the 17-year-old victim, Nahel “M.”, and French authorities refused to release his last name. The cop who killed Nahel alleges the teen and two companions were in the car when they stopped it for reckless driving. The officers approached the vehicle with guns drawn. Either Nahel panicked or wanted to have a car chase.

He drove away while the officers were standing next to his vehicle. Officer # 1 discharged his service weapon. As a result, Nahel died from gunshot wounds. The official narrative of the incident remains in dispute.

French Protesters Clash With Police Over The Killing Of A Seventeen-year-old Boy.

Despite; the claim by leaders of France that the police of France is becoming more like America’s police, there have only been 12 people shot dead by French police in 2023, compared to 528 Americans killed by the police so far in 2023. The French population stands at 68 million people; they suffer about 0.5 deaths per million at the hands of the police. 

In contrast, America sustains about 3.5 deaths per million of the 334 million people in the USA. This number of 334 million does not include the 4 to 6 million illegals that Joe Biden forced to cross the border into America to diminish and dilute the strength of the Black vote. In 2022 there were about 70.2 civilian gun-related deaths per million in the U.S.

Graph: Courtesy Mapping Police Violence. The Graphs Are Provided By Mapping Police Violence. 

According to Mapping Police, Black America is more like to get killed by the police, and most police-involved shootings occur during or after a traffic stop where the subject attempts to flee. “Police killed at least 1,201 people in 2022. Black people were 26% of those killed by police in 2022 despite being only 13% of the population.”

Those stats are hard facts, but the study did not consider or separate those innocent compliant people who suffered police violence, such as Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Eric Garner, etc, the list goes on.

Video of Nahal M., the 17-year-old Muslim boy killed by French police, shows him driving away from the traffic stop before an officer shot him dead. The street is not the place to fight the police. That is why the Court of Law is there even if Lady Justice peeks over her blindfold to see who is standing before her—the mother of the Algerian-French kid killed by the police; she’s crying for a new French revolution. 

Unlike victims of police violence in America, they call for calm and peaceful protest while waiting on a big payday from the taxpayer doled out by the government.

A depiction of Americans More Likely To Be Contacted By The Police, Thus Less Likely To Be Killed By The Police.

Civilian gun violence outpaced that of the police by 2 to 1. America Is A Gun-happy Nation. Peddlers Of Gun Violence Are More Adept At Selling Their Wares Than Those Who Would Rather Not Have 15 Guns Per Household In A Nation Where 40 Percent of The Populous Suffers From Some Kind Of Mental Illness.

Not to be outdone, civilian gun violence has outpaced that of the police. In 2023, there have been 356 mass shootings in the United States of America—at least 18 mass shootings occurred just on the 4th of July alone.

“In 2021, the most recent year for which complete data is available, 48,830 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S., according to the CDC.” These numbers combined murders and suicides.

French authorities placed the officer who killed Nahel M. in custody. Right-wing colonialist Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron has called for the protesters not to destroy property. But the town remains on fire, as activists, hooligans and rabble-rousers continue their search for opportunities.

Over 15,000 Trump supporters gathered on January 6 to support Trump’s election fraud claims, while 2000 plus rioters and looters charged and took over the Capitol Building.
Allegedly, 25,000 Wagner Group mercenary terrorists marched on Russia on June 22, 2023.
On June 27, 2023, tens of thousands marched through the streets of France after French police killed an Algerian Muslim boy during a traffic stop. World leaders are struggling to keep control of the ever-restless, violent-prone COVID post-pandemic citizenry.

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