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“Our strategy to go after this army is very, simple. First, we’re going to cut it off, and then we’re going to kill it.”

Colin Powell: Four-Star Gen Dead At 84. Today, the top General that top Generals wished to become died of “COVID-19” complications, according to a message …

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“Where are the Clowns? Send in the Clowns; No Bother; they’re Here.” Welcome to Miami.

Miami Commissioner’s Court All Rise: The Zoo Is In Session. At any minute, one expects to see Zoo Miami’s William Elgar, Director of the Zoo, …

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Banana Republic: Mayor Francis Suarez And His Band of Shady Commissioners Strike The Chief.

Miami’s Vice. Joe Corolla’s stranglehold of shady politics on the City of Miami Police Department stretches through decades. Had this been any other typical city …

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Travel Tuesday

These Five-Star Hotel Are Affordable With Rates As Low As $28 Per night.

Five-star hotels are known for their lavish amenities, grand decor, attentive service, and over-the-top experiences. They’re also known for their hefty price tags. But what …

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The dividing of the United States of America: Brothers and sisters turning on brothers. Co-workers set against each other.

Divided We Stand! The European founding fathers founded the United States of America on the “principle” of a pluralistic society united as one. A declaration …

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Travel Tuesday

You Could Win a Trip to Italy Just For Posting a Picture with Salami.

There’s no denying that Italy is famous for its delectable cuisine, and with good reason. The delicious possibilities are endless, from pasta, panini, and pizza …

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Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor Rejects New York Teachers’ Law Suit Challenging Vaccine Mandate. (Newsweek)

Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied on Friday a request filed by a group of New York teachers to block a COVID vaccine mandate for school …

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The City of Miami: America’s Own Little Banana Republic Seeks To Oust Its Police Chief. Loco Joe is Back.

“The Cuban Mafia?” Miami City Commissioner Joe Carollo, a.k.a. Joker Roller, the Joker — as FM radio station Power 96 used to call him. Where …

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