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Rocket Man: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Blast Off to The Edge of Space — In A Phallic Symbol.

Space: The Third Frontier Today, Wednesday, July 20, marks the second time in as many weeks that a Billionaire has blasted off in a “Spaceship” …

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Travel Tuesday

France Reopens the Eiffel Tower to Visitors For the First Time in Nine Months.

After a nine-month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, France has finally reopened the Eiffel Tower to visitors. This shutdown was the most extended closure …

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Broward Sheriff Greg Tony Failed to Show At A Trap Set By 13 Mayors.

13 Broward Town Criers Gunning For Sheriff Tony Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy  Cooper With their swords drawn and fangs dripping with anger, thirteen of Broward …

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Travel Tuesday

Here’s How You Can Win a Trip to Space With Virgin Galactic.

 The race to become the first billionaire in space ended this week when Richard Branson, founder, and owner of the Virgin Group, flew aboard his …

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The 2021 Spelling Bee Champ is an Avant-Garde Wonder Girl From Louisiana.

Whiz Kid! Murraya. Poised, graceful, humble, and confident are just a few of the words that describe 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde, the first Black American to …

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Gwen Berry: Chastised by the Radical Right for Exercising Her Right to Protest – peaceably.

The 1st Amendment of the constitution guarantees Americans the freedom of expression. Free expression doesn’t invite others to commit violence as President Donald Trump did …

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Travel Tuesday

U.S. Airlines May Soon Have to Refund Luggage Fees If Bags Are Delayed.

Flying the Friendly Skies Long gone are the days of “major” airlines generously allowing passengers to check-in their luggage for free. And while baggage fees …

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Travel Tuesday

Hawaii Will Soon Ease Travel Restrictions For Vaccinated Visitors.

Hawaii has always been a popular vacation destination, but it experienced a boom during the pandemic as it offered a domestic escape that still felt …

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