America Under Siege

Will, the upcoming Presidential election save the US?

Buffeted by rioters, looters and peaceful protesters on one side, and brutal goon-like police officers on the other side and, a wild-eyed militant President above hovering over them all with threats of martial law — who is aided and abetted by a warped minded Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who longs for the good old days of Bull Connor and Robert E. Lee — Americans teeter on the edge of an apocalypse. It’s an undercurrent.

With just fourteen days away from the most critical presidential election since the inception of the Republic of the United States of America, there is a venomous undertow that threatens to suck the American Democracy out to sea. In the absence of leadership, morass has formed, and a host of diverse hooligans and demagogues have stepped into the gully of slime to fill the void.

These Boys Are Proud to be Proud

The current President of the United States is hell-bent on demonizing Black and Latino Americans and stoking most white Americans’ fears. He has employed the old divide and conquers strategy with hopes of siphoning off enough Black votes while harnessing enough angry white Americans to push him back into the White House for four more years of wilding out.

At a time in history when the person in the largest Bully Pulpit with the loudest megaphone in America is running from town to town, state to state yelling fire in every crowded theater that will allow a Reality Show B-list actor into the building — with the sole purpose of riling up unintelligent mercenaries with stockpiles of military-grade weaponry as well as a wide swath of cheap college “educated” women who have become mesmerized with their brand of a White Knight in shining armor or the last great white hope to save them from a gang of M-13 raping Mexicans and Black drug dealers.

President unjustly links Ted’s father to President Kennedy but he’s not related to Fidel or Raul Castro

The President has managed to draw once “neutral” minded people (with less publicly manifested hate for people of color) into his web of hate and deception. People such as; the Lil’ forked tongue Marco Rubios, Lindsey Graham, Rick Sanitarium, Christopher Christie, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, the junior Senator from Texas whose father Trump claims had a hand in the assassination of President Kennedy. These are an example of a school of politicians who have all cozied up to the President for a piece of steak, a hamburger, a glass of wine, or just for the fun of kissing the President’s golden ring that he wears on his naked backside. And the list goes on with those who many believe has sold their souls and America down the drain for 30-pieces of silver — such as the likes of Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.

President’s Proud Boys Moment of Denial

Will the 2020 elections bring some relief from the onslaught of masks wearing Jessie James who have plundered the Treasury and have ruined the lives of so many Americans who once placed their trust in them? It’s time to vote the cowards out of office.

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