Gestapo Tactics Used On News Nation Reporter Evan Lambert @ Ohio Gov. DeWine’s Press Conference.

Train Wreck.

Ohio Gov. Richard Michael DeWine Claims He Did Not Order the Arrest Of News Nation Evan Lambert

On Wednesday evening, they sent News Nation national political correspondent Evan Lambert to East Palestine, Columbiana County, Ohio, to report a train derailment that caused deadly chemicals to fill the air. When there is a story of national importance, as is customary, most politicians will hold a press conference at noon or during the 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm newscast to disseminate information to the public for maximum coverage.

Wednesday was no different when Ohio Republican Governor Richard Dewine called a press conference to give an update on the train derailment. They held the Presser in the backwoods town of East Palestine, Ohio. Primarily local journalists covered the news conference except for Evan Lambert of up-and-coming, fast-growing cable news station News Nation.

Reporter Evan Lambert Battered By Honky Tonk Sheriff Deputies: Crazy Pink And Dusty Dirty Blue Dogg.

As soon as Lambert went live with Anchor Nicole Berle, Gov. DeWine began his press conference. Lambert was broadcasting live from the back of a small gymnasium, where a small gaggle of reporters set up microphones in front of the stage where Gov. DeSwine was speaking. The building manager ordered the two sheriff deputies to shut down the live reporting of the news conference. Two Columbiana County deputies: Deputy crazy pink and short musky blue Dogg, rushed Lambert, and after a quick verbal exchange, Crazy Pink and Musky Blue Dogg tackled Lambert and carted him off to jail for reporting the news.

It is fair to argue those two backward musty deputies thought they were living in Palestine in the Middle East — and not East Palestine, Ohio. The arrest wasn’t quite the Black Scorpion takedown of Tyre Nichols. Still, the dusty deputies (Putrid Pink and Dusty Dirty Blue Dogg) prove they threaten the First Amendment, the right to free speech, the Media, and American-style Democracy. The Sheriff of the tiny looney tune department is Bubba Brian McLaughlin. It makes one wonder if these Bubbas have been secretly unliving Black men in their county.

The competition is so steep amongst Cable News stations that the three major cable news channels (MSNBC, CNN, Fox News) refused to cover the threat to the First Amendment — the air they breathe and the staff they lean on to survive. Instead, they beat two dead horses, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Joe Biden, to death.

In a statement issued by Governor DeWine, he said, “If I’m doing a press conference if someone wants to report out there and they want to be talking to people back at the channel (or) whatever, they have every right to do that.” DeWine said he did not order the arrest of Lambert. During the arrest, Deputy Putrid Pink announced they arrested Lambert for “failure to comply.” Later, cooler heads prevailed and reduced the charges to disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

At about 10:45 pm Wednesday, they released a shaken Evan Lambert from custody. The bottom of his eyes was puffy as someone who was crying. And during his first public interview/statement after his release from jail, he continuously pulled short, sniffled bursts of air into his nostrils.

East Palestine, Columbiana, Ohio. What a Train wreck. 

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