Reservations Are Already Open For the World’s First Space Hotel Opening In 2027.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Travel Has Arrived.

Once reserved space travel for astronauts and science fiction films, but years have seen great strides towards out-of-this-world tourism becoming a reality. There are private missions to space that will allow the general public to orbit around the Earth or moon inside a SpaceX vehicle. But now, there are also a few space hotels in the development phase, with opening dates coming sooner than you might expect.

The latest hotel to announce its potential opening date is Orbital Assembly’s Voyager Station, set to be constructed in 2026 and welcomes guests in 2027.

Accompanying Photos: Courtesy of Orbital Assembly 

The Voyager Station will have a circular shape and look very similar to a Ferris wheel. It will also spin to create artificial gravity in its pods, using centrifugal force. Though the outside may look unlike any hotel here on Earth, visitors can expect many of the same amenities and room features they’d find at their favorite property.

There will be accommodations for up to 280 guests, including villas available for purchase as vacation homes. Other features will include a gourmet restaurant, bar, gymnasium, and entertainment center—everything you’d expect to see in any luxury hotel.

Plans for this space hotel were first revealed in 2019, with its original opening date scheduled for 2025, Travel+Leisure reports. Orbital Assembly claims that the delay is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and not any technical issues with the date pushed back.

Voyager Assembly is just one of three space hotels currently in development but is the only one accepting reservations. A three-and-a-half-day stay will cost $5 million, so the hotel isn’t exactly affordable yet for the average traveler. The other hotels currently in development are Axiom Space’s AxStation and Orion Span’s Aurora Station. Although those properties aren’t now accepting reservations, it’s unlikely that they’ll be any more affordable once they do—at least not soon.

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