Mike Bloomberg Falls Flat on His Face @ Democratic Presidential Debates.

Bloomberg Thrown up against the wall And Frisked by Sanders, Warren, And Biden.

During his first presidential debate, the Mayor looked like a defenseless Black/Latin teenager that is being manhandled by New York City police officers. The former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, twitched, clutched the podium and fidgetted like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

On stage at his first national debate, Bloomberg looked like a deer caught in some super bright headlights under a zoom scope.

It is as pop singer Madonna says: tonight, the vicious former Mayor was “like a virgin touched for the very first time.” Oh, tonight was Michael Bloomberg’s debutante in the backseat of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s car. The other five candidates on stage laid the pipe on Mike and he just stood there and smoked it like a cigar.

Bloomberg caught in the headlights.

For the first half of the debates, the man who has been hiding behind campaign ads, slick shameless political hacks the likes of Tim O’Brien and partial MSNBC television reporters, for the past ten weeks, was suddenly stripped naked for the world to see. Tonight Bloomberg was baptized by fire.

Now, he will have to regroup and come again. The way things stand now, Michael Bloomberg is NOT ready for prime time.

Had this been a match-up between President Donald Trump and Bloomberg — Trump would have mopped the floor with Bloomberg’s decrepit face.

Still, all in all, he is the only one in the field of Democratic candidates who can beat Trump come November.

For Bloomberg to beat Trump, it’s going to take more than a few paid black soft-shoes, Mr. Bojangles former mayors (Michael Nutter and Steve Benjamin) running around apologizing and talking crazy on television — he needs Warren’s intelligence, Sanders’ fire, a pair of balls and a touch of Pete Buttigieg’s youthfulness.

At the debate’s end, Bloomberg had a tall lady looming over him like a mother or school-mistress walking her student. He looked pathic.

Well, buddy, now you know, money can buy you sex but it can’t buy you love.

  • Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

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