The Black And White Chasm Grows Amid The Absence of National Leadership.

America on the precipice of hate

With the 2020 Presidential election and the most crucial down-ballot elections in 200 years just four days away, the American people are choosing between two ideologies at the voting booths — one of hate and the other of inclusion. The Republican party has now wrapped itself in a cloak of hate and bigotry that hasn’t manifested itself so openly since the Civil War. The Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) led by a Gov. George Wallace-styled New Yorker (Donald J. Trump and his family) and an old relic of Robert E. Lee — Mitchell McConnell.

A Korean-american cult led by a foul beast, Hyung Jin Moon — members wear crowns made of bullets

Subtleties aside, the year 2020 will give us a clear vision of the path the United States of America wants to travel.

As tension, hate, and violence grow throughout cities and provinces in Donald J. Trump America, the President continues his reckless bus tour going from state to state — inciting violence. The Americans who are preparing to wreak havoc on their fellow Americans aren’t just the Proud Boys that Trump told to stand by — just if they’re needed to start the engine that would bring this American-style Democracy to an end and introduce a prolonged Mad Max way of living.

Also waiting in the wings on standby are myriads of hyper-rightwingers that are plotting to carry out predatory violence upon a sheep-minded flook of liberals. Then there is the Unification Church founded by Sun Myung Moon. Moon is now deceased, but his vile and despicable son, Hyung Jin Moon, runs a splintered version of the cult, and he’s more rabid than Kim Jung Un of North Korea. This Pennsylvania-based World War and “Unification” Sanctuary of hate have thousands of members of this vile cult openly plotting to murder Americans should Trump lose his bid for a second term as President.

Trump standing with one of the reasons why Mitch McConnell kneels before — his wife is in his pay

On Thursday, in Tampa, Florida, while delivering a speech to hundreds of Right-wingers, the President made veiled threats against a battalion of First Responders who were there to help keep his followers safe. “Who are they, are they friend or foe?” the paranoid president asked, the riled up agitated sect. Trump also made veiled threats against Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania as he has done against Gov. Whitmer of Michigan.

The one gets when they are in over their head but is too scared to admit

America is more armed than any other time in history, and it’s at a stage where the left is right, and the right is dead wrong. Donald Trump has managed to single handily — while aided and abetted by greedy, unscrupulous politicians and bigots — turn America and its ideals upside down.

People on both sides of the political spectrum are shouting at each other, trying to drown others’ voices. And no one is willing to listen to what his/her neighbor has to say. Under Donald J. Trump, the United States of America is likened to men made drunk on the whiskey of de-civilization. There isn’t any good that can come from these drunken public brawls taking place in America’s cities and sideshows perpetrated by ringmaster politicians such Mitchell McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and the rest of the crew of unscrupulous sideliner pitchmen.

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