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On Day 3, witnesses of the murder of George Floyd, a Full Nelson attack was in progress on the first two days of the  former Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin’s trial. To justify the killing of George Floyd, at the hands of his client, defense attorney Eric Nelson, “Derek Chauvin did exactly what he was trained to do.” {When he killed George Floyd} Nelson told the jury that “The use of force is not attractive, but it is a necessary component of policing.” Nelson failed to tell the jury that his client Derek Chauvin’s use of force was unnecessary when he killed George Floyd. Nor did he inform them that police officers do not have a right to go around using deadly force unnecessarily?

A Full Nelson: At least 12 Attorney's Assigned to Chauvin Multi-Million Dollar Defense.

Chauvin Nelson and Amy Voss

Attorneys Voss, Nelson and Chauvin

Minneapolis Sex Deviant Police Chau

Chauvin slowly killing George Floyd

Eric j Nelson Attornry Chauvin

Nelson thinks all Blacks are angry


To deny George Floyd justice and choke his very soul to death for a second time are twelve attorneys paid for by the Minneapolis Police and Peace Officers Association. In court, Eric Nelson and attorney Amy Voss, the country Bumpkin-looking attorney, is just a face on a vicious and bloodthirsty monster that supports and feeds off the unjust killing of primarily unarmed Black men. For the most part, many in the street view Eric Nelson as a two-bit attorney whose specialty is defending low-hanging fruit DUI cases — as is the George Floyd’s case — albeit a high profile case. 

Playing to the Fox News and other Klu Klux Klan audiences, attorney for the defense, Eric Nelson, keeps labeling the African American witnesses as angry. These are young people who witnessed Derek Chauvin choked George Floyd to death right in front of their eyes — in broad daylight. During the killing of Floyd, his killer Chauvin for nine minutes had the most ghastly look on his face — as if he was enjoying the gargling sound coming from Floyd and the breath leaving his body.

A young compelling eye witness and a sobbing old man.

On Day 3 of the Derek Chauvin murder trial, the prosecution and defense recalled to the stand a 27-year-old Minneapolis firefighter Genevieve Hansen. Hansen, who was 26 when she witnessed Derek Chauvin killing Floyd, testified that she happened upon the crime scene, identified herself, fired a cop as an EMT/Firefighter, and offered to revive Floyd. Hansen admits that she was out of uniform and not carrying her ID badge when she offered her assistance. Today, the state also called to the witness stand Christopher Martin. Martin is the Cup Foods store clerk that George Floyd paid the counterfeit $20.00 bill to cigarettes. The prosecution also presented sixty-one-year-old Charles McMillian. Charles took the witness stand and began bawling and sobbing out of control. Charles, it appears, has not gotten over the trauma of watching Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. 

The deranged defense attorney Eric Nelson labeled nineteen-year-old Christopher Martin as angry also. However, Martin was calm, collected, direct, and unshakable during his testimony. The angry African American defense is what Nelson is using to justify the murder of George Floyd or to continue the call for open season on people of color. 

George Floyd 03-31-2021

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