FBI Agents Killed Serving Warrant In Sunrise Florida

Violent Criminal Attacks FBI Special Agents.

At about 6:00 a.m. According to a statement released by FBI spokesman Jim Marshall, FBI Special agents attempted to serve a federal court-ordered search warrant on a subject (whose name has not yet been released) allegedly involved committing violent crimes against children. Upon announcing their presence to the subject, he opened fire on the agents, at which time five were injured — two fatally, two with non-life-threatening injuries. The fifth agent is in serious but stable condition.

On April 11, 1986, Special Agents Benjamin P. Grogan (53-years-old) and 30-year-old Jerry Dove were killed when their investigation into two violent serial bank robbers — William Russell Matix and Michael Platt. The two military veterans Matix and Platt were under investigation for several banks and armored car robberies. 

A total of eight Special Agents had the violent duo under surveillance as they attempted to carry out another heist. A high-speed chase ensued, the agents succeeded in stopping the suspects. Suddenly William Matix, who once served in the United States Marine and the Army and himself was a Military Police,  under the 101st Airborne Division, emerged from his vehicle with long guns and opened fire on the agents.

During the gun battle, Grogan and Dove were killed, and five other agents were injured. Special Agent Edmundo Mireles, Jr., who was seriously injured from a gunshot wound, eventually shot and killed Platt and Matix.

In 1972, Michael Platt entered the Army Airborne Ranger Training then went on to Paratrooper Air Assault School. After completing Army Ranger Airborne jump school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Platt was assigned to the Military Police Unit. And the bond was formed between the two men, and the embryo was conceived that grew into the violent bank and armored truck robberies and the killing of Special Agents Grogan and Dove on the eleventh of April 1986 in Miami, Florida.

The FBI has not yet released the names of the injured agents or their killer’s name that resided in an upscale neighborhood in the City of Sunrise, Florida.

FBI Special Agent Grogan

FBI Special Agent Dove

FBI Miami Shootout 1986

Matix and Platt: Robbers

Update: On Tuesday FBI Director Christopher Wray released the names of the two FBI agents killed while serving a federal court ordered warrant in Sunrise Florida. Killed in the ambush were forty-three-year-old Laura Schwartzenberger, a sixteen year veteran of the Bureau , mother of two and wife. Also killed in the ambush was 36-year-old Daniel Alfin — Alfin is survived by his wife and one child. The FBI has not yet released the name of the killer who was wanted for committing violent crimes against children.


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