DeSantis Suspends Two SAs, Then Suspends His Presidential Campaign.

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A Man In Flux.

A Bewildered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Suspended In Time of The Dark Ages

Plagued with uncertainty, incompetence, a disastrous presidential campaign, and a Super PAC that seems to work against his best interest, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his run for the White House.

First, the embattled Presidential Candidate/Governor suspends two State Attorneys, Andrew Warren and Monique Worrell. DeSantis claims the removal of the two democratically elected State Attorneys was due to neglect of duty and incompetence. Then, the Governor suspended himself for double incompetence. He’s a Genius at work. 

They say when you see your opponent destroying himself, don’t stop him. The New York Post reports DeSantis fired SA Andrew Warren for being WOKE and failing to do his job. 

The Sheriff’s Department and some staff members from suspended SA Monique Worrell’s office also showed up at Worrell’s chief of staff, La Keisha Mulfort’s home, while she was home on FMLA maternity leave — nursing her baby — to say they fired her.

When DeSantis decided to run for President, could it be that he made a substantial political miscalculation in believing all the United States was like the backwoods of Florida and Miami-Dade County?

Once the little man (with the smirk of a sad clown on his face) went outside of Florida with his Make America Like Florida (MALF) campaign, it flopped and exploded like a wet firecracker. THUD.

State Attorney for Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit, Monique Worrell suspended By Ron DeSantis For Incompetence.

Initially, the governor stood an excellent chance of making it to the White House. But he insisted on propagating culture wars to appeal to the basest of the base. His decision to “launch” and run a campaign on the right of Donald Trump was outright stupidity.

Trump has found the sweet spot of stalwart right-wing voters; to dislodge him will take an exercise in the art of war. “Show yourself weak where you’re strong, and firm where you are weak — not running a parallel alongside looking at him and giggling.

SA Andrew Warren Sacked By DeSantis For Being woke

All Republican candidates running a campaign hoping to be Trump’s VP or jockeying for a Cabinet post are losers and time wasters. Imagine two men competing for a woman’s affection, and one keeps telling the woman how great her other suitor is: strong, thoughtful, and what a great protector he would make her.

Who is the woman going to choose? Christie and Hutchinson are telling the woman the other suitor is terrible news. Still, they have no credibility because they started telling the woman that the other man is the best man for her. They came to her front door with their mouth attached to the other man’s ass. SIMPS.

Most women aren’t stupid, and although most of Donald Trump’s rabid supporters are dumbasses, they believe they know what will make America great — a “Strong Man” dictator to destroy the United States of America — deep in their spirit, that is what they are calling for, although they don’t yet know it.

Spending so much time in Lily White, Iowa, where ninety percent of the voters are White who are like-minded souls that barely needed coaxing into right-wing ideology, was not the way to gauge the political temperature of the American electorate and gain favor.

The Moral of The Story Is: Don’t assume because you are a White bigot, all of America will fall in line with your views.

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