CNN Leans Red To Compete With Fox News. Brian Stelter Shown The Door — TNN.

Trump News Network?

CNN, The Originator of 24/7 News Programming: The Daddy of The Mac-Daddies Seeking To Follow Fox “News.”

On Sunday, CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter delivered the scoop of his lifetime. Well, it wasn’t quite the scoop because, on Thursday, NPR (National Public Radio) had already beat CNN to reporting CNN’s own inside scoop news story. CNN’s “Breaking News” was already broken. They showed Brian Stelter the one-way exit door. Christopher Licht, the new chairperson, and CEO of CNN, strikes again. Upon Christopher Licht’s arrival, the bloodletting began. His first notable casualty was Jeff Zucker, followed by Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter and staff. And there is more to come warned Bounty Hunter Chris Licht. 

Brian Stelter was one of CNN’s most loyal company men. He loved CNN. Many times Stelter would use his Sunday morning platform to blast Facebook. He thought Face Book was taking or getting too many advertisers’ dollars. He wanted his company to get a larger slice of the pie. Stelter was a fierce advocate for CNN and, to his credit, free speech — as long as the talk wasn’t coming from Right-wing cable stations like Fox News Channel, OANN, and News Nation. 

Well, it appears CNN is leaning more and more to the right. The shift is gradual, but it is becoming more pronounced. From a business standpoint, it’s an excellent business model to adopt. As it stands, Fox News — notwithstanding OANN and News Nation — is the king of the road of Right-wing perdition. CNN wants to draw some of that viewership—away from “Fox News.” As more opinion news stations switch to the MAGA audience, the trough has more mouths to feed, and before long, that food basket becomes like “liberal” media, where there’s not enough room at the Inn. But the slops will continue to flow in abundance from an array of spigots of right-wing channels.

The knife wielding employee slashing action taking place at CNN is nothing new. Hatchet men/women come and go. It’s just that before they go, they leave a lot of wounded employees in their wake. Why are some employees surprised when it occurs is what is shocking? It’s the same script, different actors. This private sector endemic is now affecting non-elected government employees. The difference is: government slashers are playing with taxpayers’ money, thus they’re expected to give accountability for action taken. 

Chris Licht: CNN/Time Warner Hatchet Man

The Place Where The Bodies (Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Jeff Zucker, etc) Lie Today, Hatchet Men Must Lie There One Day… Marty Robbins — “Running Gun”  — Ballads of a Gunfighter.

Although CNN’s ratings have fallen on some of its prime-time shows, mimicking Fox News Channel (FNC) pro insurrection programming won’t cause a rating bonanza. Hiring quality Journalists (with analytical minds, i.e., Abby Phillip) would help to boost its sweep. The field of right-wing propagandists is getting crowded. With FNC, OANN, News Max, and upstart News Nation catering to the MAGA-maniacs — CNN has a steep climb to get back to its number one slot. 

The two-year-old new kid on the block News Nation delivers a “balanced” reporting dose of “news” between 0600 and 10:00. With reporters, and again from 1700 to 1900 hours. At 1900 the channel switches to a steady stream of mostly Trump followers fringe style programming, where the reporters take a break, and Fox News-style correspondents and commentators take over. Two other stations, rabid News Max and OANN, are in a gutter all to themselves that make even John Metzger, David Duke, dead Governor George Wallace, and others of that ilk appear clean.

CNN will survive — not in its old glory, but it will be around. As the forces in media continue extreme wedge political gathering to rip the country apart — CNN is poised with its experience, methods and mechanical news gathering apparatus to become a Reliable News Source, again. 

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