Senator Lindsey Graham Tries to Incite Violent Insurrection Across America, By Yelling FIRE in a Crowded Arena.


Senator Lapdog Lindsey. The Panting Senator Threatens Violence Against Americans.

One of Donald J. Trump’s little pom, pom-waving mascots, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s little world, is caving around him. Sen. Graham is dodging subpoenas from a Georgia grand jury to discover his and former President Trump’s role in the attempted 2020 election fraud. He’s scared. He’s frightened. No Mob boss’ wife has been more loyal to a Mafia Don than Lindsey Graham is to Donald Trump.

Donald J. Trump’s Supplicant Senator Lindsey Graham (Right) Bowing Before Trump (Left).

Where does inciting a riot begin? Where does free speech end? They have drawn the lines — even if sometimes the lines appear blurry. The guardrails are in place to prevent cowards and hooligans (such as Lindsey Graham) from causing unnecessary bloodbaths in the streets of America. Brandenburg v. Ohio 395 U.S. 444 (the United States.Brandenburg v. Ohio in 1969 limited band speech to that which would be directed to and likely to incite imminent lawless action (e.g., a riot). They used the word riot for a specific purpose. 

Trump promotes Q’s message that reads, “Your enemy is not in Russia.” To a degree Trump is correct. America’s most potent enemies are the internal rot that continue to fester inside the Republican Party.

Lindsey Graham would rather see America go up in smoke and go down in flames than see Donald J. Trump gets carted off to a lifetime of house arrest. Sen. Lindsey is a deranged person. Whenever someone becomes that lovesick, they cannot think straight or logically. All sense of reason goes out the door/their head.

Most people remember their teenage years the first time they became infatuated and you feel you don’t want to eat. That is where Lindsey—old ass—Graham is with Trump. For teenagers, that feeling lasts about three months or fewer. But Graham has been carrying his torch for Trump for over five years — pathetic. Graham will flush America down the toilet for a chance to play golf next to former president Donald Tramp, a beggar who goes around the nation begging for money.

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