American Hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dragged By Ghetto Rat Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Clueless / Talentless, Congenital Idiot.

Miss Piggy/Rihanna Doing What She Does Best: Spread Her Legs.

Last week a Rump Shaker, aka Rihanna Fenty, made an unfortunate decision to drag Martin Luther King, Jr. through the mud for no reason except that she’s an ignorant savage. The clueless, functionally illiterate, unread dancer whose only money-making talent is shaking her ass, stripping naked, and spreading her legs on stage while squeaking like a bird trapped under a car tire. Rihanna, the escapee from the Gentleman’s club thought that dissing Dr. King was a chess move. ’twas not. 

While we support your right to freedom of expression, we find your expression distasteful. Thus, it is only fair to let you know what we thought of you all these years, but we never publicly expressed those thoughts because folk can agree to disagree. Your recording studio-enhanced vocals and over-wrought, painted-on face makeup does not fool the trained ear or eyes. We see right through your bluff.

Take away the striptease show, and you’re barely qualified to flip burgers at McDonald’s burger joint.

Do you have anything else to sell aside between your legs? Do you have any gray matter between the ears?

The iconic champion of Civil Rights, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK), paid the ultimate price to allow the likes of Rihanna to enjoy the freedom of movement in America. MLK made it possible, so Rihanna didn’t have to sit in the back of the bus upon arriving at the shores of America. They once forced black people to sit in the back of the bus; today, Black people have the opportunity to sit in the bus’s premium seat — the driver’s seat of the bus. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged institutionalized discriminatory practices such as Jim Crow, the state-sponsored and systematic oppression of Black people. What has Rihanna done for culture or contributed to humanity’s continued development?

Rihanna Legs 1 Reddit

This Is The Gist Of Rihanna’s Performance. She Comes On Stage Spreads Her Legs And Squeaks.

It is beautiful to disagree with one politically or philosophically, which makes for great debates and social development. It is quite another to bite the hand that feeds you and drags that person through the mud when they’re not here to defend themselves. Depicting Martin Luther King as a caricatured stereotype reserved as society’s dregs should be met with the sternest rebukes.

Martin Luther King, Jr. paid the ultimate price for uplifting the Black Community and partially redeeming the soul of America.

And ultimately, his children (Martin Luther King III, Yolanda King, Dexter King, and Bernice King) had to grow up without a father.

Had it not been for the bravery, and selflessness of Dr. King and his movement, Rihanna would not enjoy the freedom of movement across America and the opportunity to perform in gala-styled entertainment venues. Rihanna would still function in Juke Joints. Put some respect on his name.

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