Vagabond Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Attacks Black Americans.


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Putrid Man.

Vivek Rama swampy A Fast-Talking Used Car Salesman In A Suit

Vivek Ramaswamy’s attacks on Black Americans are 100 times more vicious and virulent than Donald Trump’s or any other bigots from the 18th, 19th, or 20th centuries. He’s running for something, but it’s not President of the United States of America. Indeed, he’s hoping an electable presidential candidate will pick him as their running mate to further their racist agenda.

The goal of Rama Swampy is to spread hatred toward Black people and to encourage racists assault on them whenever and wherever possible.

Leaders of the Republican (GOP) party are subtlely searching for a candidate to replace Donald Trump. What is the most significant qualifying factor to lead the GOP? (1) A deep-seated hatred for Black Americans. (2) A willingness to articulate a desire to defund the FBI for investigating crooked politicians.

(3) Spread wild and outlandish stories about the September 11th bombing of the Twin Towers in 2001. (4) By decree, the President must extend the age for voting in the United States elections to twenty-five.

If those arguments sound familiar, that is because it’s the platform of presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswampy.
There aren’t too many bigoted candidates running for the Presidency that would pick this vile threat (Ramaswamy) to America’s democracy and its stability, perhaps other than Ron DeSantis–two peas in a pod.

The sad state of The Republican Party

American politics has reached a place where for a Republican candidate to ascend to a meaningful spot on their roster, they must attack, assail and belittle “African Americans.” They must make veiled threats toward their well-being and safety.

Their attacks on Black people are the nitrogen fuel that causes them to rise in the Republican party — this includes Black Republican candidates who crave the attention of a rabid bigoted base.

Whenever a White Supremacist can hire as a mouthpiece another Black person to mistreat and treat other Black people more harshly than the White racist himself, that is White supremacy and a plantation mentality at work. Tim (the plantation) Scott comes to mind. What comes to mind is Vivek Ramaslimy, a blackface racist.

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