IDF In Gaza: Attacks Ashes, Rubble, Bones, Dead Children.

A Crime of Passion

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entered a volatile relationship of convenience with leaders of Hamas, a group of extreme Muslims that rules the Palestinian people with an iron fist—a government of brutality.

HAMAS ruled the Palestinians the way Netanyahu wanted to judge them, with cold-heartedness and terror. Sixteen years ago, HAMAS took control of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu needed a go-between to carry out his reign of terror on Palestine. He settled on HAMAS as his buffer government.

On October 07, 2023, Hamas betrayed Netanyahu’s trust. They attacked Israel and rained down terror on segments of Israel. It shocked Netanyahu to his core. He felt scorned and betrayed. And like a crazed lover who doesn’t know how to handle rejection, blinded by rage, and bereft of reason, Netanyahu turned his anger into an unrelenting bloodbath. 

The World Is Wringing Its Hands In The Face Of Genocide.

Not only has Netanyahu turned his drunken fury on his unfaithful lover — Hamas? He slaughtered the family and children of his once lover. When this kind of murder occurs, law enforcement calls it — A Crime of Passion. It is the worst kind of murder a familial member can commit.

Seasoned Psychologists and Psychiatrists know this, but they are afraid of being sanctioned — so they zipped their lips. People of color and Black people know this because they have suffered at the hands of genocidal governments more than any other people. There is news reel of days old baby in turned-off incubators gasping and dying because of a lack of electricity. 

If someone did that to a dog in America, they would condemn that person and sentenced them to prison. NFL star football player spent 21 months in federal prison for having a dog fighting ring on his property.

And like all good friends of the criminal are wont to do — they cover for his deeds. They make excuses to justify his crimes. They partake in the shedding of blood. To look at the destruction of Gaza can only be compared to ten Nuclear Bombs falling on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If Black America is the barometer of moral courage, then we have fallen asleep. The people have become petrified to speak out against these crimes against humanity. People of moral turpitude hide in the dark; all that is visible is the white of their wide-opened eyes peering from the darkness.

During the Freedom Summer turbulent 50s and 60s Civil Rights era, Black Americans marched, stood in, sat in, bled, and died for their God-given right in America. It was people of all stripes and goodwill that joined the struggle.

In the Freedom Summer movement, opposing politicians such as George Wallace, Jim Crow Joe Biden, (now President Joe Biden) Robert Byrd, and Joe Manchin marched and fought against Black people fighting to gain their civil rights.

It was Blacks, and Jews and White people who stood for what’s right — people such as Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwerner who stood up and said enough is enough. And in the summer of 2020, when an errant cop (Derek Chauvin) murdered George Floyd for passing a counterfeit $20 bill, people of all stripes came out and spoke out for what was right.

The Jewish Community Is Not Monolithic

They did not hide in their closets with the whites of their eyes popped open because they were not afraid their employers might get a call from Hedge Fund manager Bill Ackman or Jamie Diamond of Chase Bank and demand they fire them. But even as Benjamin Netanyahu hired at least 350,000 soldiers to assist with his crime of passion. There are Jews in America who are protesting against Netanyahu’s genocidal behavior in Gaza. They are making it clear to Netanyahu, “not in my name.”

The Hamas militants who carried out the October 7th attacks on the Israelis compounds are war criminals and so is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The world knows what are war crimes. It is when someone attacks, kills people at a concert, and attack them in their homes as Hamas did on October 7th. Also, war crimes are burning over 12,000 people (half of them children) to a crisp and deny them FOOD, WATER, Clothing, Shelter and medicine.

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