The Party Of Hate Gains A Little Common Sense.

And Then There Were Three.

The three most WOKE Republican presidential candidates, Gov Ron De Santis, grifter Nikki Haley, and showman Vivek Ramaswamy, tonight showed up to interview for a job. They joined former New Jersey Gov Chris Christie and Sen Tim Scott on stage to tell the nation’s electorate what they’d do as President. 

The five Republicans vying for the American Presidency, for the first time, displayed a modicum of sanity. Haley, De Santis, and Ramaswamy made it through the interview without casting aspersions on Black America. 

They corralled and suppress the hate-filled rhetoric frequently aimed at African Americans. Ramaswamy, Haley, and De Santis removed their clown noses and almost seemed presidential — for the first time. Sen Tim Scott had the worst performance of the night.

Scott spewed his usual best impersonation of Christianity to the Mathnasium. Scott wove his single motherhood story of him being a bastard baby who made it to the Senate. For crying out loud, Timmy, you favor E.T. No wonder your daddy left. People are tired of your sob story that you tell to White racists to make them feel good about themselves and superior.

Sen Mitt Romney Might Be Fed Up With The Republican Party, But Niece Rana McDaniels Leads The RNC. 

As expected, sparks flew between Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy keeps exposing Haley as a grifter and fraud. He is trying to make known that Haley is on the take from arms dealers. That is why the barren woman keeps pushing for wars. 

Ramaswamy also called out (Sen Mitt Romney’s niece) the RNC chair, Rana McDaniels, for rigging.

Former President Donald Trump’s one-time heir apparent participated in the interview without uttering WOKE. He spoke the one word so many times that it sunk his campaign.

 In the scales of Justice and Rightness, WOKE outweighed all his other policies and made him appear as lopsided. Ramaswamy had the best idea of how to reduce the nation’s 33 trillion dollar deficit. It’s too late to turn back now.

Had Ramaswamy started his campaign targeting corruption and sound economic policies, he would have gained more traction. Instead, he built a platform of hatred for Black people.

The very people to whom he owes his American-made wealth. Legacy media know Nikki Haley is on the take but will get riled up at Ramaswamy for calling her out to please their bosses, the top media moguls. All the signs of Haley’s crookedness are clear, just as they were there for Donald J. Trump.

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