Compton Police Attacked In Revenge Shooting — The Shooter Possibly Still At Large.

L.A. County police on edge after a brazen attack on two sheriff deputies.

At about 1900 hours, a crazed person with a hate-filled heart walked up to a patrol vehicle with two LA County Sheriff Deputies and shot them both “in the head.” A grainy area surveillance video shows a lone shooter (male or female) running away from the location. The person appears to be someone not of a great statue with a slightly disfigured sprint.

LA Deputies confront protesters who celebrate a violent attack on two deputies.

The officers were monitoring the Metro Blue Line station at Willowbrook Avenue and Compton Boulevard when the ambush occurred. In addition to the shooter, at least one other person was walking nearby when the shooter fired what appears to be about five shots into the vehicle on the deputies.

According to LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who reminds the public that he was pissed off, both deputies have been with the Department for 14 months are were sworn in together from the same class. One of the victims is a female described as a 31-year-old mother with a six-year-old son; the other is a 24-year-old male.

High Alert And Pissed Off

As police in battleground fatigues roam the streets and neighborhoods of LA looking for, at this point, an attempted murderer, whom they say they don’t know — a small group of mindless demonstrators gathered at the hospital (making noise) where the injured deputies are reportedly in critical condition. The demonstrators were confronted by police who tried to chase them away.

LA Sheriff Deputies winning friends and influencing people / rough arrest of reporter Josie Huang

Meanwhile, an angry mob of Sheriff deputies also rushed, tackled, subdued, and arrested a female reporter for a local radio station KPCC 89.3 FM. Police identified the reporter as Josie Huang. Police say Huang failed to follow their orders and did not identify herself as a reporter. During the rough arrest, there was what appears to be press credentials hanging from the next of Ms. Huang. Huang was booked and later released from custody.

Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

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