Rochester, NY, Police Chiefs Involved In Apparent Murder Cover-up, Retire With Their Tails Between Their Legs.

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Get OUT!

For nearly six months, the Rochester Police Department sat on, covered up, hid, buried a video of seven of its officers contributing to the death of a naked 41-year-old man — Daniel Prude. Prude’s brother Joseph Prude had called police for help after Daniel began to show signs of mental distress. While it is not clear what happened before the arrival of the law — after their arrival, a video from a police body camera shows Daniel Prude butt naked on the cold asphalt with light snow falling. The “officers” on the scene wore long-sleeved shirts or jackets and or headgear to protect them from the snow and the cold.

<strong><span class=has inline color has vivid red color>Rochesters <strong>Grand incompetent<strong> Mayor NOT Lovely Warren<span><strong>

One of the seven cops on the scene (Mark Vaughn) gave Prude commands, and he complied, he followed their instruction. “Get on the ground, get on the ground, Vaughn shouted. Put your hands behind your back,” Vaughn continued to yell commands. To which Daniel Prude replied, “Yes sir,” all while showing clear signs of mental distress and out crying for help.

Instead of helping Prude, they mocked and suffocated him. At one point, they placed a hangman’s sack over his head. After the March 23 incident, Prude lingered in the hospital for seven days before he succumbed to the brutal action of the seven cops. The county coroner ruled his death was caused by asphyxiation. The night of the incident, officer Troy Talladay was caught on bodycam, placing his knee on Prude’s neck. In contrast, officer Josiah Harris and Francisco Santiago giggled and mocked the dying man.

The commanding officer on the scene, Sgt. Michael Magri did not intervene; instead, he aided and abetted the other killers of the helpless Prude lying on the ground naked.

<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid orange color>Rochester Police mocked and tortured a naked man in the snow Daniel Prude<span><strong>

When the sun came up, and Chief La’ Ron Singletary arrived at the station, at which time his subordinates briefed him (thoroughly) on the incident of torture. Prude died seven days later in the hospital. At which time, Singletary ordered the customary police internal investigation into the rough and prolonged killing of Mr. Prude. The Rochester Internal investigators concluded their customary investigation with its customary coverup findings. Shortly after, Singletary and his top lieutenants (Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito and Commander Fabian Rivera) joined in a conspiracy of shelving of the facts and video of the killing of Prude.

They are fleeing the crime scene, in broad daylight, with their pensions.

For several months Chief Singletary kept the video of the crime under wraps until attorneys for the family of Daniel Prude were able to get a copy of the video and released it to the media. After the release of the video, the protesters demanded the officers and Singletary be held accountable. To protect Singletary, Mayor “Lovely” Warren scampered into damage control mode. She claimed ignorance and staunchly defended the chief’s behavior in the cover-up. Chief Singletary went as far as to condone the killing of Prude and by saying his officers acted appropriately when they mocked, suffocated, and ignored Prude’s cries for help. Singletary claims the torture and killing of Daniel Prude were consistent with their training of his officers.

<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid orange color>Forty One Year old<span><strong> <strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid orange color>Daniel Prude became a victim of Rochesters NY police hate scorn and inhumane brutality<span><strong>

Within days after the incident came to light and calls for accountability grew louder, Chief Singletary and has tendered his resignation effective September 29, 2020. He blames his dilemma on the news media for shining a spotlight on the murder of Daniel Prude.

The Mayor of Rochester “Lovely” Warren– a strong defender of Chief La’ Ron Singletary, it appears that she has cut some deal with Chief Singletary. The agreement will allow Singletary and his top cohorts to flee the scene of the crime without any accountability and with a fat pension for life — paid for courtesy of the taxpayers.

Two of the Department’s other top cops — Deputy Chief Mark Simmons and Commander Fabian — were returned to their previous ranks of lieutenants.

Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

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