Two Louisville Police Officers Shot — A Rusty Attempt At Vigilante Street Justice.

Police take alleged vigilante shooter into custody.

At around 8:30 p.m., someone among some protesters (it is theorized ) opened fire on a group of police officers standing around and monitoring protesters who were marching — they’re claiming — in response to a not guilty verdict in the killing of a 26-year-old EMT — Breonna Taylor. Here’s what led to the shooting of the two LMPD officers: On Wednesday 09-23-2020, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron used the “findings” of a grand jury to justify not bringing charges against three LMPD police officers. All three officers contributed to the death of BreonnaTaylor. Taylor was shot to death by Louisville Metro Police officers Det Brett Hankison, Sgt Johnathan Mattingly, and Sgt Myles Cosgrove — during an early morning raid on her home.

Protesters march to make a statement about lack of charges in Breonna Taylor’s case

After AG Daniel Cameron announced the not guilty verdicts, crowds began to swell in the street of Louisville, and so did the police presence. As night falls, minor skirmishes began to break out between the police and several protesters. Police arrested at least 46 people with National Guardsmen standing ready to swoop in on the marchers. A few rabble-rousers attempted to set fires to boarded-up businesses, and amid the chaos, the sound of firecrackers was heard — then gunshots rang out.

Soon after the shooting, LMPD arrested a man wearing black Addidas sweat pants and a jacket with as many colors as Joseph’s Coat of many colors. The police have not publicly identified the suspect. Both officers, one shot in his leg and the other in his abdomen, just below his bulletproof vest, are listed in stable condition.

Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

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