America, Will It Ever Be Again What It Once Was?

Innocence Lost!

“Republican” Top Puppet Master: Donald  Red Dawn Trump

Brash, reckless, sneaky, conniving, ungrateful, and a boldface liar are just a few adjectives that aptly describe ex-president Donald J. Trump.

“Impeached Twice” is a cloak of solace that the Democrats cover themselves in and spread as a salve all over their constituents to make them feel like they have accomplished something. Well, on Saturday 02/13/2021, 43 Republican Senators threw an antidote in the basin of democratic salve — they collectively gave America one big fat middle finger. They said, “FU@K YOU to the constitution.

As the world looked on, on January 6, former president Donald J Trump pulled the trigger of a  gun of a dictator, and the spinning bullet hypnotized most partisan Republican politicians as it entered the chamber. February 13, forty-three Republican Senators gave the shot the push it needed to speed and exit the gun’s barrel — never to return without the pangs and pain of child’s birth.

This gang of Good Old boys Party (GOP) had one job to do and guess what? They failed to restore America.

On Saturday, forty-three Republican Senators voted to give their tacit support to ex-President Trump’s January 6 call to arms of a predominantly White Nationalists attack on the US Capitol. The attackers and the invasion set a dangerous precedence and the gravest threat to the Republic of the United States of America. During his arguments to convict Trump as the main inciter of the storming of the Capitol, House lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin reminded us of what common sense is (via of Thomas Paine book that was published in 1776).  Common sense is what most sane people have in common. it is now clear that common sense is missing from 89 percent of Republicans.

GOP: Good Ol’ Boys Party: The Anything to tear down America Gang. If these boys/rustlers were from Compton or Cabrini Green, the police would be after them on every turn they make.

What was the Cold War fought for so many years? The most dangerous threat to America’s way of life is no longer a formless orphan standing at the door outside of the house (the People’s House) looking in throw the window.

 On February 13, 2021, forty-three Republican Senators have not only adopted the perilous, mindless orphan that once stood outside their door – they have now given birth to his mind that will grow into what their minds have not conceived. Those 43 Republican Senators have become the founding mothers and fathers of a political system that stands opposed to the idea of what the original founding fathers of these United States of America and for that which they stood.

A person born into wealth takes their financial security for granted and falsely believes that poverty cannot come their way. Many people who have been fortunate to be held in a non-communist country take for granted the “freedoms” they enjoy and blindly believe that an oppressive, dictatorial form of government cannot take shape in their country.

Dream on, mad Republican leaders, dream on!

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