Nine-Year-Old Girl Pepper-sprayed By Rochester NY Police.

What A Cross To Bear: At 9-Years-Old

Would the officer pepper-spray his nine-year-old daughter for being unruly? well, at least she wasn’t water-boarded.

On January 29, 2021, a Rochester police officer thought the best way to resolve a cry for help from a nine-year-old unruly girl (LG) was to tackle her to the ground, handcuff and pepper spray her in the face. Scarred for life and crying out in agony and pain, the child pleaded with the officer, “Please don’t do this to me,” as tears and pepper spray mingled together streamed from her eyes down her cheeks into her mouth. The response from the terrorist wearing Rochester Police uniform was, “You did it to yourself, hun.”

Police were dispatched to the nine-year-old (LG) mother’s address to assist the young girl because she threatened herself and her mother. A mother, by all intents and purposes, is mentally unstable and unfit to raise children. As the police talked to her nine-year-old daughter, the woman (Elba Pope) stood on the sidewalk cursing at motorists, telling them to “Suck my di*k.” The same little girl told the police that she observed her mother stabbed her father, who then jumped into her vehicle and left the house. Where were these brave officers to subdue the violent Capitol insurrectionists on January sixth?

While the little girl sat in the back seat of a patrol vehicle crying and begging to see her father, the man who fled the house (in a stolen truck) with a warrant for his arrest — a female officer admonished the little girl to calm down. The same female officer pulled her canister of pepper spray to attack the girl, who continued begging to see her father. As the female cop readies her canister to spray the girl, it fell into the snow. At which time, a brave male cop approached the girl and released his pepper spray into the girl’s face. Meanwhile, her uncaring “mother” continued harassing passing motorists with a barrage of profanities and threats.

he female officer, filled with delight at the pain the little girl was experiencing, told one of her male partners, “I glad I didn’t (maced her) mine fell on the ground.” “You did it to yourself, hun,” the female officer told the girl. The pepper spray is burning my eyes, LG told the officers. “Help me. The pepper spray is burning my eyes.” “Yep, that’s the point of pepper spray,” one officer said. Another officer tells the girl to put her head out of the window. “The cold air is going to feel nice,” he says mockingly. On scene to handle the call for “family trouble” were nine Rochester Police Officers, including supervisors. 

“It’s supposed to burn. That’s why it’s called pepper spray,” one officer reminded the LG. “The cold air should help, OK?” About 20 minutes elapsed from the time LG was tackled, pepper-sprayed, placed in the back seat of the car before paramedics came, placed her on a gurney, and transported her to a hospital.

“They were trying to get her into the car,” said Mike (Mad Dog) Mazzeo, president of the Rochester Police Locust Club, at a press conference. The officer who pepper-sprayed the girl “made a decision there that he thought was the best action to take,” Mazzeo declared. “It resulted in no injury to her. Had they had to go and push further and use more force, there’s a good chance she could have been hurt worse. It’s challenging to get someone into the back of a police car like that.”

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