These Hotels Are Offering “Subscription” Programs For Remote Workers

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For years, digital nomads have traveled the world, living in different countries while working from the comfort of wherever they could find a solid WiFi connection for their laptops. Though travel opportunities are certainly more limited now due to the pandemic, more people work remotely. To entice long-term visitors and hopefully recuperate some of their pandemic-induced profit losses, several hotels and resorts offer “subscription” plans that would give WFH a new meaning: Work From Hotel.

These “subscription” programs aim to offer remote workers a flat monthly fee that would allow members an unlimited stay at select properties in multiple locations. Essentially, subscribers can go from one hotel to the next as long as it’s a property owned by the same group.

Here are some of the many participating hotels and their monthly subscription rates:


Source: Banyan Tree Habitat/Facebook

Banyan Tree Habitat

“Home is everywhere.” That’s the slogan of this international hotel group, which offers digital nomads a global home atmosphere with properties mostly in Southeast Asia, but also in Greece, Morocco, Mexico, and more. The “habitat” program allows travelers to book their stay in “units,” with each unit equaling a seven-day stay. Up to four units can be purchased at one time, granting access to all of the Banyan Tree Group properties. Unit prices start at $1,750, but the more units a guest buys, the more money they save.

Citizen M Global Passport


Source: CitizenM/Facebook

The words “affordable” and “luxury” don’t usually go together, but that’s exactly what this Dutch boutique hotel chain is known for. And now, its Global Passport program is offering remote workers a flat rate fee of $50 per night for a minimum of seven nights and a maximum of 29 nights per month. The Global Passport subscription also comes with the added benefit of a 25 percent discount on all meals. Most of this hotel chain’s properties are in Europe, but there are also a few in the U.S. and Asia.

The Freehand Hotel


Source: Freehand Miami/Facebook

For a fair amount of Stateside options, Freehand Hotels currently offers a subscription program for its properties in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. For an unlimited stay at these properties, plus two of the brand’s sister properties—The Generator DC and The Generator Miami. Added benefits of the Freehand subscription program include discounts on food and drinks, free WiFi, and access to the on-demand workout app Jetsweat. Pricing begins at $2,499 plus tax per month.

Selina Colive


Source: Selina/Facebook

From the very beginning, the Selina brand was born out of a desire to create a sense of community for digital nomads in locations like Mexico, Costa Rica. The U.S. Beyond its laid-back accommodations, Selina has always offered cowering spaces, wellness activities, and social gatherings. The global brand is making it even easier for remote workers to enjoy a stay at one of its properties by offering a monthly subscription where the fixed fee is based on the type of room and location. With the subscription, guests can jump from one property to the next as often as weekly. Pricing starts at $325 per month for a shared room in Latin America.

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