Banana Republic: Mayor Francis Suarez And His Band of Shady Commissioners Strike The Chief.

Miami's Vice.

Joe Corolla’s stranglehold of shady politics on the City of Miami Police Department stretches through decades. Had this been any other typical city in America, the voters would send Carolla flying through the doors of City Hall at the tip of a shiny steel-toe boot. But this is Miami, and Carolla delivers for his constituents an unhealthy dose of corruption. They love it.

Any Miami Police Chief who doesn’t fall in line with the vindictive ways of Carolla and at least two other Miami Commissioners (majority rules) is quickly shown the door with a knife in his back. Chief Art Acevado is the latest victim of the City of Miami Commissioners. Today Mayor Saurez put Acevado on notice that he’s out as Chief in Miami.

Rumor was that the City of Miami Police officers are to wear masks when dealing with Black residents

In September, Acevedo alleges in an eight-page letter to the Commissioners that Carolla tried to entice him to use the weight of the police department to attack his (Carolla’s) political enemies. It’s hard for the feds to pin Carolla and most of the Miami Commissioners down. The Miami Commissioners have mastered the art of navigating the channels of corruption. They have double master’s degrees and PhDs on how to avoid the eyes of investigators. They are like drug dealers using Cigarette Boats to run from Coast Guard chasing in a Personal Water Craft vessel. They’re too fast; by the time the Coast Guard catches up to them — they have dumped the contraband.

he Feds would have to go back to school learn how to detect, corral and capture Carolla and his band. How is he living? Is he living large? Does Chief Acevedo’s letter about using the taxpayers’ money (the police force) to target political enemies have any merit?

These aren’t the days of easy targets like Miami Commissioner Miller Dawkins or Dade County School Board member Johnny L. Jones — it was easy to target and capture those guys — and rightfully so. They were corrupted public servants but not schooled in the art of corruption.
In a bid for political survival, mayor Saurez is running for reelection in November, and City Manager Art Noriega made the cowardly decision to show Chief Acevado the door with a knife in his back. Will Acevado bleed out, or will the city end up paying him a large sum of money just to shut him up? Until the federal government steps in, the Miami Commissioners will continue to hold the Miami Police Department in a Vice Grip.

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