For Character References, We Asked Trumps Friends And Biggest Supporters. Here’s What Donald J. Trump’s Biggest Supporters Say About Him.




Who Is Donald J. Trump?

“He’s a conman and a fraud,” says United States Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida. According to one of Trump’s besties and most ardent supporters, Marco Rubio — Donald J. Trump is a conman. Senator Marco Rubio is a University of Miami-educated lawyer. They once considered the U of M the Harvard of the South. 

A Conman doesn’t thrive or exist without suckers. Aside from pulling off tricks and defrauding their targets, the most significant part of a conman’s job is spotting suckers and dupes. They recognize a mark from a thousand miles away and know them like a book they have read a million times. The unsuspecting, gullible are the usual targets of a flimflam artist such as a city slicker like Donald John Trump — but sometimes a con artist will rope in some of the educated folks in a crowd as well — such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, etc to form a confederacy of dupes.

Sen Josh Yella Hawley
Sen. Shady Graham

Trump’s Possibly Unindicted Co-conspirators. Left to right: Krispy Christie, Narco Rubio, Yella  Hawley & Kisser Graham.

Who is Donald J. Trump?

Let us ask a mouthpiece for Trump, Ted Cruz. Who is Trump? “He’s a sniveling little coward.” According to United States Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas, “Donald Trump is a sniveling coward.” Senator Ted (Bundy) Cruz is a staunch supporter of gun violence against children and law enforcement officers. He has attached his face to Trump’s ass. Is it because Trump’s Mar-a-Largo residence once held evidence about Cruz’s father? Donald Trump once made strange accusations about “Lying Ted’s” father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz. 

Ted Cruz is one of Donald John Trump’s most ardent supporters. Look at Trump’s ass, and you’ll see Ted Cruz’s face. He never misses a chance to kiss Trump’s ring.

Senator “Lying” Ted Cruz, AKA Pucker-up Ted.

During his character reference to the former president, Cruz reminded Americans that “Donald Trump is a pathological liar.” He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies; he continues, “Trump lies about everything. Practically every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Everything in Donald’s world is about Donald.” At the start of his presidential campaign, Trump said he would release his tax returns — well, he’s been lying about that ever since. He also said he was worth 10 billion dollars — fake news. 

So, Who is Donald J. Trump?

Senator Mitt Romney, sir, as a supporter of Donald J. Trump, would you mind giving us a character reference?

“Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud; his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the members of the American families for suckers.” These are the words of United States Senator Mitt Romney, a Harvard-educated lawyer and former governor of Massachusetts.

Rep Kevin McCarthy mid

Kevin McCarthy (R) Trump’s Unindicted Co-conspirator

Senator Mitt Romney (R) Utah Tries To Do The Right Thing

Who is Donald J. Trump?

Let’s ask the second most powerful person in the House of Representatives.

Donald J. Trump’s character witness Representative Kevin McCarthy says, ” Donald Trump is responsible for the January 6 attack on the Capitol.” This Means Trump led the insurrection to overturn the final results of the 2020 Presidential election and overthrow the government of the United States of America [by enticing acts of terrorism] against the United States — according to Kevin McCarthy. Days after the “Trump led attack on the Capitol,” Rep. McCarthy went to Mar-a-Lago — where Trump housed stolen documents — to meet with Trump. Now McCarthy knowingly becomes a co-conspirator to overthrow the government (under the RICO statue) 18 U.S.C. § 1961 — after the fact. Also, McCarthy censure Rep Liz Cheney to obstruct justice and prevent her committee from checking to see how deep his involvement in the Trump insurrection goes.

Who is Donald J. Trump?

Let’s ask Trump’s most dedicated servile supporter, the United States Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham, who do you think Donald J. Trump is at his core? “He is a race-baiting xenophobe religious bigot. He doesn’t represent the values the men and women in uniform are fighting for. I’ve been in the Air Force for 33 years.” 

We have men and women, particularly in the Mid East, who are concerned about Trump’s rhetoric because they will use it against us. So what was a concern last week? Will it be DEFCON 4 next week? “Trump puts our soldiers and diplomats at risk. He empowers the enemy,” according to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Who Is Donald Trump?

“Donald J. Trump is the greatest grifter in the history of the United States, plain and simple.”

Character witness Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, said these words when asked about his client’s character. Cohen added [that] Trump doesn’t know or care about you, referring to Trump’s followers, suckers, marks, and the January 6 insurrectionists. Trump’s campaign finance records show he’s collected $107 million for his 2021 inauguration, and more recently, he’s raised more than $250 million for his defense funds.

Who Is Donald J. Trump? 

Let us ask the United States, Senator Mitch McConnell. Most Americans view McConnell as one of Trump’s confederates and a pitchman in the scheme to defraud the American people. Here is what Mitch has to say about Trump as his character witness.

“President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the event of the January 6 attack on the Capitol of the United States of America — no question about it.” The attack on the Capitol Mitch referenced is the attempt of Trump and his suckers to overthrow the government. These are the words of Senator Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky. The senior Senator McConnell is a former Jefferson County Judge/Executive and the United States Assistant Attorney.

“The people who attacked the Capitol to kill US Reps and Senators believe they were acting on the instruction of President Trump.”

Senator Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky Whose Face Looks Like A Giant Aborted Squid. Photo Credit AP

Mitch McConnell is a man lost in the political sauce, and still fighting the civil war of the 1860s. McConnell’s mind still caged in a tattered gray uniform worn by General Robert E. Lee, and fighting ghosts of the past — hoping to make America great again by putting Black people in chains.

Another one of Trump’s character references is his acolyte, former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Christie is a former federal prosecutor, not unlike most of Trump’s character references. Christie is a lawyer and state leader sworn to serve the American people and uphold the Constitution. Instead, former Governor Chris Christie serves Donald J. Trump and defends his crimes against the American people and the Constitution.

Like, most people, I, from time to time, enjoyed the clown show Trump puts on. Donald John Trump’s circus draws attention, but not unlike an audience watching a tightrope walker or an idiot that goes into a lion’s den to taunt lions. Deep inside, the onlookers know Trump’s act is fraught with dangers. After all, Ring-Ling Bros and B.T. Barnum Circus folded up their tents and left town once Trump became President. As the saying goes, there was a new clown in the city. That Trump constantly played the Court’s Jester doesn’t mean he’s not a plain and complete danger to democracy and America.

The FBI’s Reasonable Search and Seizure of Stolen Federal Documents Housed at Mar-a-Lago, Returned to Its Rightful Owner — The People.

Drew Findling Trump Latest ATTY

Trump’s Attorney Drew Findling, Says Trump Is The Racist Architect of Trump’s Fraudulent “Trump University.”

Christina Boob Unindicted

Christina Boob: Trump’s Deliberately Clueless Attorney And Possibly One Of His Unindicted Co-conspirators.

From defending Rappers and Hip-Hop stars to defending Donald J. Trump. Attorney Drew Findley has pedigree.

According to Findling’s Bio: “Drew Findling has been practicing law for over 30 years and has represented notable clients, including Grammy-nominated artist Faith Evans, former Douglas County District Attorney David McDade, Hip-Hop artists Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame, Cardi B, and many more. Findling is frequently contacted backstage at events by hip-hop performers, whom he might or might not be well acquainted with, to express gratitude for what he has done for the industry.”

Christina Boob, Trump’s lawyer’s pedigree boasts of being Steeped in spreading propaganda for right-wing news stations. It’s widely reported that she was at Mar-a-Lago during the FBI’s visit to retrieve stolen documents. While doing the television circuit, under questioning Ms. Boob always appears to be divorced from reality.

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