The Only Hope For The Republicans To Win The Presidency In 2024 Is Florida’s Governor

Run DeSantis, Run!

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Not all Donald Trump supporters are bigots, but all white bigots support Donald Trump. In 2015 when Donald J. Trump descended on a Trump Tower elevator with his Yugoslavian (Communistic Country) mail-order-bride by his side — America descended with him. “The Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists,” showman Trump declared as he announced his presidential ambitions. Trump spoke the words that over 75 million American voters thought but was afraid to say publicly. So Trump became the sounding board for millions of Americans whose free speech many left-leaning loons have stifled and curtailed using political correctness and cancel-culture. The pendulum swings.

Since Trump won the Presidency in 2016 — not by popular vote, but by Electoral College votes of which Trump raked in 307 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227 votes, the magnificent conman and super-grifter has been an overruling stench the nostrils of most Democrats and civilized society. Mrs. Clinton beat Trump by roughly three million popular votes, sixty-six (65.85 million votes). During the 2016 Presidential election, sixty-three (63) million Americans saw Donald J. Trump as their white Knight in Shining Armour who would vanquish Black people, beat them back into slavery, and make Caucasians draconian masters of African Americans again. Those were some brutal and barbaric days in the lives of Black people. NEVER AGAIN! Donald.

The 2020 Presidential election saw Trump winning the minds and souls of an additional eleven million Americans. His virulent voting block supporters went from 63 million (in 2016) to seventy-four (74) million Americans who voted for him in 2020. This seventy-four (74) million Americans continue clinging to Trump’s brand of White Supremacy. They adhere to his phalanx lies and grand wizardry deceit like a drowning man clinging to a straw in the middle of the ocean. See you all in church on Sunday. According to the Washington Post, Trump told 30,573 lies over four years of living in the White House. That is a bad hombre. Satan blushes at the number of lies propagated by one man in such a short period.

Ex-President Donald Trump Inciting His MAGA Crowd to Attack The Nation’s Capitol.

The only hope for the Republicans to win the Presidency in 2024 is Florida’s, Governor Ron DeSantis. While; Trump’s virulent brand of bigotry has infected the minds of millions of Americans — Trump will never become President of the United States of America again. Ron DeSantis occasionally flirts with the Trump brand of white supremacy, but like most Republicans, he does it because he’s afraid of offending the so-called Trump base.

Vice President Kamala Harris is an Honorary Black woman and a Ceremonial Vice President. She will never become President of the United States unless (God forbid) President Biden becomes incapacitated during his Presidency. 

President Joe Biden will not win the 2024 Presidential election if he runs. Probably, 10 to 1, he won’t run, and Kamala Harris cannot win if she runs — but she will run. Black America should not put any stock in VP Harris; they must have a political strategy for all upcoming elections — local and otherwise. Black voters must create and build political leverage. They have none. The four (4) million “Mexicans” that erased the borders of the United States over the past two years, bum-rushed the fence, and illegally entered the United States have more political capital and leverage than Black America, which has been here for five hundred years.

Ron DeSantis and his antics of sending illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to gain national attention is but a temporary high. Such a move is a quick fix that leaves him feeling silly once the dopamine wears off. To impress us, Ronnie boy, send fifty Black faces to Martha’s Vineyard. Send some Haitian migrants to the Vineyard so that we can witness the Red Carpet welcome from the liberal Martha’s Vineyard natives. Let’s see how long it would take Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas to send in gun-toting horseback riding jockeys with bullhorns and bullwhips to scorch them.

Marthas Vineyard Courtesy Jesse Costa WBUR

Well Arranged Cheap Labor Force Flew In To Assist Martha’s Vineyard Residents: Nannies and Store Keepers. Black folk have caught on, they don’t wanna work for free no more — welcome aboard my new Negroes.

Once DeSantis wins the 2022 Florida Governor’s race, soon after that, he will have to make his presidential ambitions known overtly. Currently, he’s making covert moves towards the Trump base by seeking to attack Critical Race Theory (CRT), book banning, and attacking gay rights. The rallies that win over racists in Florida won’t translate into enough national votes to win the Presidency. Lest we forget, Florida is as far south as we get. Deep South. Dirty South. Red neck South. While there are many Red Neck states like Florida across America, Florida should not be a barometer for national votes.

To attract votes, Desanti flirts with kookiness from time to time, attempting to get Trump’s supporters but to win the presidential election, the things that fly in Florida will not work nationally. To win the Presidential election, DeSantis and the Republican Party need a national stratagem.

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