The Florida Clown lacked courage and used Twitter to announce his presidential candidacy. MoRon DeSantis.


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The Clown: Moron DeSantis.

This Insecure, Bobble Head, Dangerous, Wack Job Wants To Be President?

As the (GOP) Republican leaders struggle to find someone, they and the sane-thinking American electorate can seriously consider as President — not just in public but behind closed doors. Their search has become a monumental task. Today, Florida’s Mussolini Governor jumps into the circus to become their nominee and, ultimately, their President.

Whatever Florida’s narrow-minded principal Clown becomes, he won’t be President to all Americans. He’s made that clear. His appeal is strict to a vicious, hate-filled segment of White crusading Christians hoping to turn back the hands of time to the dark ages.

As he was known to reasonable people, Florida’s Major Clown (Moron DeSantis) joined six other Republican candidates to vie for the steering wheel of the Clown’s Car: Vivek (Mad Dog), Ramaswamy, Tim (the Buck Dancing), Scott, Nikki (Psycho), Haley, Larry (Stepin Fetchit), Elder, Perry Johnson, Donald (Can’t Stay Out of Trouble) Trump, Asa Hutchinson, and Marianne Williamson. So far, the current Republican pile-up makes the 2016 list of candidates look like charming choir boys.

Florida’s top Clown is a one-trick pony with more wag in his neck than La La Sheena, La Whenesha from the hood, and a car’s dashboard Bobble Head Dog. Aside from those he’s given a job on his staff, there is not one reasonable Floridian who can say their life has gotten any better since the one-trick WOKE pony has been in office. Homeowners’ insurance has skyrocketed x3, causing fixed mortgages to rise out of control and many Floridians to lose their homes to foreclosure, and fast-tracked gentrification. He’s forced renters to live on the street, in homeless shelters, or move in with family members to survive his misguided governance and incompetency.

“Florida Is Where Black People (WOKE) Go To Die.”

Clown Major has made Florida a hostile place for African Americans to live. His open hostility toward Black people caused the NAACP to issue a “Travel Warning” cautioning Black people to stay away from Florida. The Clown mandates Black journalists cannot mention his name without registering with the State Police. Otherwise, they may face fines or jail. He wants to suspend the first amendment for African Americans. He hides his travel agenda from the public while carrying out clandestine meetings with (we will have to assume) enemies of the state.

His narrow-minded WOKE crusade includes fighting with the world’s most famous mouse — Mickey Mouse. WOW!

  • He’s signed a six-week abortion bill.
  • Blocked AP African American Studies
  • Ended Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Banned Gender-Affirming Care For Trans Youth
  • Expanded Laws That Restrict LGBTQ Topics In Classrooms
  • Restricted Drag Shows
  • Prohibited Vaccine Mandates
  • He Picked a Fight With a Mouse. How manly. People who go to Disneyland with their families go voluntarily of their own free will.

The cowardly, inept so-called governor went on Twitter to hide behind a Blue Tweety Bird to announce his presidential bid — Coward.

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