CNN Fires CEO Chris Licht After He Steered The Once Mammoth News Station Into An Iceberg.

CNN's Nose Dive.

Tow months after CNN fired Don Lemon for taking on right-wing genocidal maniac Vivek Ramaswamy, the architect behind Lemon’s termination, Chris Licht met the same fate — at the hand of his boss, David Zaslav, Chairman and CEO of CNN’s parent company, the Discovery Channel. Under Litch’s “leadership,” the once mega news station nosedived into the abyss of unverified stories of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. CNN has become a Ukrainian propaganda machine.

What Fox News once was to Donald J. Trump, CNN has become to Vladimir Zelensky — a mouthpiece. Since the silly CEO took control of the rudder, CNN’s ratings precipitously fell. The New York Times reports that in 2021 CNN brought in $1.25 billion, and last year 2022, revenue fell to $750 million. Gone are the years when reporters such as Bernard Shaw reported war stories as they were, not what the CEO’s friends and family wanted to hear.

CNN: Ukraine’s Ministry of Propaganda

Today CNN reporters in Ukraine are all agenda driven—their goal is to please CNN’s top dog David Zaslav. Zaslav’s parents are Ukrainian, thus the lop-sided reporting on the war in Ukraine. They are all scared, trying to keep their jobs. Since taking the big chair at CNN, Chris Licht hired a bunch of right-wing talking heads — trying to outdo Fox News. That strategy resembles DeSantis trying to beat Trump at his own game. It won’t work. Trump is the gutter, and Fox News is the gutter. Jump in a ditch and kick up a stink — the pit remains a hole while you come out smelling like an asshole.

Staffers at CNN said Chris Licht lost the room and respect of most employees at CNN. The reality is CNN lost the respect and trust of the American people. CN used to be the mega news outlet of Reliable Sources, is now a 747 Jumbo Jet with its tail end on fire in a nosedive. MAY DAY. MAY DAY.

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