This Service Allows Travelers to Skip Along Airport Security Lines.

It’s no secret that long airport security lines can often be one of the worst parts of travel, especially during the summer high season. Did you know there’s a way to expedite this process that doesn’t require purchasing TSA Pre-Check or Clear membership?

Clear, a biometric identity verification service found at most airports across the U.S., launched its Reserve lane in 2021 out of Orlando International Airport. With this service, travelers can reserve their place in a separate security line ahead of time. This measure means they won’t have to wait in the regular security line and will have a better idea of how long the overall security process will take.

“Reserve is a free service only available at select airports and requires booking your spot beforehand. Reserve provides a more predictable experience than standard airport security, but it still requires you to show a TSA officer your ID to verify it’s you,” the Clear website explains.
To take advantage of this free service, passengers can head to, enter basic information about their upcoming flight, and select the day and time slot they’d like to reserve.

They’ll receive a QR code they can later use to verify their appointment. Though each traveler using the Reserve lane will have a designated appointment time, the service also allows for a 20-minute grace period for late arrivals.

Passengers using the Reserve lane service will still have to undergo the standard security procedures such as showing their ID, taking off their shoes, and removing electronics from any hand luggage.
Reservation is most useful for travelers who don’t have TSAPreCheck or Clear membership and is helpful when traveling internationally, where TSAPreCheck is unavailable.

The Reserve lane is currently available at the following U.S. airports:
• Los Angeles International Airport
• Minneapolis Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport
• John F. Kennedy International Airport
• Newark Liberty International Airport
• Orlando International Airport
• Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
• Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
• Denver International Airport

This service is also available at the following international airports:
• Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
• Berlin Airport (BER Runway)
• Calgary International Airport
• Edmonton International Airport
• Frankfurt Airport
• Hannover Airport
• Montréal–Trudeau International Airport
• Keflavík International Airport
• Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport
• Toronto Pearson International Airport
• Vancouver International Airport
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