Prosecutor FANI WILLIS faces attacks from media and White men.


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DA Fani Willis Attacked By TV Guests On Legacy Media Brought On Specifically To diminish Trump’s 4th Indictment.

Whether you are a fan of what Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis is doing, it’s fair to say one should give credit where it’s due. She got cojones bigger than all Republican candidates running (slithering, crawling, slipping, and sliding) to replace Trump as the front runner of the 2024 Presidential race.

The Republican candidates, except for Asa Hutchinson, are a motley crew of balls-less, spineless mob of Jellyfish. They think the only way to the White House is to denigrate and attack Black people.

This era is the 21 century, so warrantless attacks on Black people won’t end well. Let the Montgomery, Alabama, physical unprovoked attack on the unsuspecting serve as notice to bigots with warrantless sieges and sabotage of someone just doing their job.

Getting On Code.

Most sane-thinking Black people/African Americans knew the attacks on the Fulton County DA would come fast and furious once she indicted Donald J. Trump for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States after losing the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden — a man half his statue, personality and savvy.

That is hard to swallow, but it doesn’t give one the right to overthrow the government. Trump could have easily eaten Biden’s lunch in 2024. But he couldn’t wait that long. He had to overthrow the government on January 6 2020.

Trump Contemplating: Orange Is The New White.

One doesn’t have to go to Fox News to hear a bunch of jealous Talking Heads pouncing on DA Willis for charging Trump. “I’m concerned this has to do with ego,” says Chris “Crispy Creme” Christie about Trump’s fourth indictment. Well, 50 tons of fun.

Does the charge have something to do with Trump breaking the law? Did you read the 97-page document DA Willis and her staff produced? Chunk, you don’t think her actions are justified?

According to Fani Willis, at a Press Conference referencing Trump’s crimes, she said, “I looked at the crime, and I looked at the law, and I made my decision.” On his campaign crawl, Christie creeps around criticizing Trump. Still, as soon as a Black female prosecutor acts on the law and moves on Trump, Christie Creme shows his actual color.

All the men criticizing DA Fani Willis for indicting Donald J. Trump, they hate him. Some want him gone so they can become the front-runner of the Repugnant Party. Yet they attack Willis for doing her job. Why? Because they are White men that cannot handle a Black woman throwing the book at their White deity. So everybody gets on code. 

This behavior is like Black people calling each other “Nigger,” but as soon as a White person says the word… White folks getting on code.

“She wakes up in the morning thinking, what will I do next? Should I run for governor?” So says John Bolton, with the YMCA “Macho Man” mustache. Here is an entitled bucket of garbage that Trump gave a job, and made him Ambasador then he turns around and stab Trump in the back to sell a few Paperback Novels about the ex-President’s crimes. That is abhorrent. That is the envy of Fani Willis speaking.

Even as expected, washed up used to be Alan (douchebag). Dershowitz chimed in with his gibberish. “The Fulton County Prosecutor is trying to get Trump. And she’s using creativity and novel approaches. And that is not the way to do it when you’re going for the man who is running for president.” Douchebag is upset he was not called on as a consultant by Fani Willis. So he could make a few dollars and hog the spotlight. He’s a Hassa.

Douchebag said “the indictment is very weak.”

Former De Kalb DA Robert James joined the chorus of White rights first: He said, “You have 19 defendants, one of whom is the front runner — leader of the Republican party. They come with various levels of publicity.” This clown ass fool is promoting two systems of justice. It leads one to wonder how poor people lives he’s ruined? Just because they’re poor.

Robert James talks out of both sides of his face. It depends on which news station he’s on. One this is certain, and that is he is consistently weak.

Jumping in the fray is former Whitewater Prosecutor Robert Ray. Ray said, “This fourth indictment was heavy-handed and unnecessary” Perhaps like the Whitewater investigation from which he got rich? It duplicative of what Jack Smith already charged, Ray said. 

Win or lose, wrong or right — you have to give it to backstabbing Fani — She got Cojones, more that all the so-called men trying to dethrone Donald J. Trump.

This article does not endorse the overuse of the RICO Statute by Fulton County District Attorney Fannis Willis. The report points out the hypocrisy of “powerful” White men and women — primarily those in the Repugnant Party/GOP) who will laugh and scoff at Black people when abused under the Color of Law — until the law comes for them.

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