Venice Will Soon Charge a Fee For Day-Trip Visitors.

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By Jessica Poitevien

City officials in Venice have long debated and experimented with various methods to curb the effects of over-tourism in this small yet trendy Italian city. They will implement the latest measure in 2024, charging a fee for day visitors. The price will cost €5 ($5.36) per person and will be charged for all travelers over 14 who visit the canal-filled city for the day.

They will not charge visitors who stay overnight this fee as they already pay a different type of tax. According to Reuters, Venice will implement the price next year during spring break and summer weekends. The cost will be a trial at first, with the possibility of becoming permanent. They have yet to announce when the fee will go into effect.

It also needs to be clarified precisely when they expect visitors to pay this day trip fee. Venice tourism councilor Simone Venturini told Reuters that these fees and other regulations addressing tourism meant to find “a new balance between the rights of those who live, study or work in Venice and those who visit the city.” 

On any day, especially during high season, tourists often outnumber residents — a fact that has caused several issues for locals, including skyrocketing housing prices, overcrowding, and even damage to the canals. Other measures recently taken to protect and preserve Venice include classifying the canals as a “national monument” and banning large cruise ships. 

These regulations helped Venice get off the UNESCO World Heritage danger list, but the victory was short-lived. UNESCO, however, recently recommended that the city be added to the list once again because efforts to preserve the town are “currently insufficient and not detailed enough.” 

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