DOJ Indicts Five Tennessee Cops Of Ill Repute.

The Tennessee Five

Memphis Police Department Chief of Ill-repute Cerelyn Davis

They took an oath to serve and protect the residents and visitors of Memphis. The taxpayers of the City of Memphis, Tennessee, bought and paid for the cars that they drove.

The clothes, the badges they wore, and the guns they carried were all purchased and paid for by Tennessee. The police powers entrusted to them came from the people of Tennessee. On January 07, 2023, they (five uniformed men charged with state power) grossly abused that power.

They kidnapped and savagely beat a 29-year-old man to death. Five Memphis cops chased Tyrie Nichols, caught and murdered him under the color of law. Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division, headed up by U.S. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, charged the five Memphis killer cops with violating the civil rights of Tyrie Nichols.

Then officers Tadarrius BeanDemetrius HaleyEmmitt Martin III, Desmond Miles Jr., and Justin Smith of a SCORPIAN unit, a “crime suppression” gang established by Chief Cerelyn Davis to attack members of the Black community, battered to death Tyrie Nichols under the street lights of the city.

The brutal beating Nichols received is comparable to the 1993 beating 25-year-old Rodney King got at the hands of LAPD Officers Theodore Briseno, Sergeant Stacey Koon, Laurence Powell, and Timothy Wind. T

hey beat Nichols’ face to a pulp, almost similar to Emmett Till’s 1955 kidnapping and murder in 1955. The only difference so far is Briseno and Wind were set free with an Attaboy pat on their backs to brag and boast about attempting to murder Rodney King. With Emmett Till, they sent his murderers home as heroes. And they went home to celebrate.

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