Death And Destruction In Morocco And Libya: Nature In Turmoil.

Nine Thousand Presumed Dead In Libya, Morocco.

They say hell has no fury as a woman scorned, and lately, Mother Nature behaves like a woman scorned. She is visiting havoc upon inhabitants of the Earth because of the workings of the minds of man.

She’s become an angry woman. What will it take to appease Mother Nature? Some scientists on the left warned of climate change as the cause for the turmoils and destructive circumstances plaguing several parts of the planet. 

While right-wing politicians mock and scorn those adherents of the theory of climate change as Jeremiads nuts living in fantasyland. There is an uptick in the severity of some hurricanes that churn in the oceans and those making landfall.

Remnants of Libyan Town Derna Left By Storm Daniel And Broken Dams

Two North African Countries, Morocco And Libya, Hit Simultaneously By Nature.

One thing is sure: tens of thousands of people in Marrakesh, Morocco, are reeling from the devastation caused by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake — to them, their suffering is real. The dead bodies that lined the streets of their beloved country are real bodies, and the tears of their loved ones and the pangs of pain they feel are real pain.

In Libya, the North African oil-rich country has experienced a rush of water that overwhelmed parts of the land, causing the death of thousands and destruction of properties.
A September 12 Mediterranean Storm Daniel named Daniel slammed into Libya, causing two dams to break in Derna. A Libyan Interior Ministry spokesperson said the death toll stands at 5,300 but added that number could rise to 6000.

According to Libyan officials, at least six thousand people have died or are unaccounted for in a once-in-a-thousand-year flood that hit the nation on Tuesday.

Of course, earthquakes and floods are nothing new. Bus, what if the leftwing scientists are onto facts about the reason for the increased activity of “natural disasters” and the intensity of Nature’s fury? One reality is a guarantee in life: ALL THINGS produced by Nature come from man’s thinking.

Is the planet Earth racing toward an ever-increasing manufactured cataclysmic final disaster? Pop singer Cher asked a poignant question about returning to a place where things were less stressful. “If I Could Turn Back Time?” she ponders.

But how do unruly children turn back the hands of time and the years of abuse of an aged woman (Mother Nature) whose breast has remained young and fertile so they can nurture her children? We can only hope that Mick Jagger is correct when he said, “Time Is On Our Side.”

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