Joe Biden Took His Campaign To The Picket Lines In A General Motors Vehicle.


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden showed up on the picket lines (where workers are on strike against General Motors) in Michigan; Biden drove General Motors (GM) most expensive car — the $16,000,000 vehicle known as The Beast. Biden met with striking UAW workers, pretending to care about their struggle. What a slap in the face.

Biden’s visit beat former President Donald Trump to Michigan after Trump announced he would meet with UAW strikers on Wednesday, the day of the second Republican Primary debate. So on Tuesday afternoon, President Biden shuffled his way to the picket lines in Michigan, on one of his central campaign stops.

The Greatest Trick A Politician (Joe Biden) Ever Pulled Is To Convince The People He’s Not A Politician.

All major reputable polls show that Americans would rather have an alternative to Joe Biden as President. While some detest the former Senator, some are concerned about his age and incompetence. Biden’s fragility and incompetence drove him to hide out, perhaps in his basement, and refuse to debate his opponents.

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