Leftists, Anarchists, And Communists Agitate Some Protesters to Violence And The Destruction Of America As We Know It.

President Trump Rallies The Base.

In what has been billed as a long-awaited campaign speech by President Trump, thousands of the President’s supporters packed into the BOK arena in Tulsa Oklahoma to listen to a message of hope and grace delivered by President Donald Trump. For many months, because of the COVID-19 crisis and concern for his supporters, The President has shied away from inviting large crowds into confined facilities.

Listening to calls from his supporters — calls for encouragement in a time of considerable uncertainty caused by rioters, looters, and Anarchists rummaging through several American cities run and controlled by liberal Mayors and Governors. On Saturday, President Trump marched into Tulsa OK BOK Arena like a brave soldier to the rescue on a brilliant white horse.

Thousands packed BOK to listen to the President’s ground-breaking speech.

Thousands of people packed into the arena, some wearing face masks while others did not wear any masks. Trump delivered a message of a stable US economy that recently has suffered a setback due to a manufactured crisis. Some people in the crowd did not cover their faces just to piss off the Main Stream Media, who they know would try to make a mockery of the President’s appearance and the significant and long-awaited rally.

As concertgoers attempted to enter the venue, hundreds of agitators tried to block them from entering the BOK facilities.

The President’s speech was well-received, and it was punctuated by chants of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and “lock her up” by an enthusiastic audience.

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