Scott Adams, Creator of Dilbert Cartoon Labels All Black America A Hate Group — Projection?



Dilbert Canceled.

“I’m probably the only White man in America today with free speech. I can say whatever I want and can’t get further canceled.” [Scott Dildo Head Adams.]

Until his latest controversial hate speech and wild tirade toward Black People, I have never heard of Scott (Cucumber Head) Adams. According to Adams, “Black America is a ‘hate group,’ and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. “Adams advised White Americans to “get the hell away from black people.” The intelligent thing to do is for Adams to lead by example and “get the hell away from Black people.” But wait, Adams has already gotten the hell away from Black people. Does he live in an all-white neighborhood? The cartoonist’s getting the hell away from Black America comment was his reaction to a poll conducted by a right-wing troll company called Rasmussen. 

Skewed Polls Lead Warped Minds To Faulty Conclusions.

The Rasmussen poll/trolls allegedly (surveyed) asked some Black people, “Is it OK to be White”?” According to Rasmussen Trolls, only 53% of Black people agreed it was OK to be White.

According to the troll company, aka Rasmussen, they alleged the same survey shows 26% and 21% of Black people said it’s not OK to be White or they’re not sure, respectively. The poll reflects the opinion of 1000 registered voters. So Scott Dilbert’s warped mind combined the 26% and 21% of nays and not sure respondents to reach his skewed results. Adams concludes that 47% of Black people thought it was not OK to be White. Then he labeled 100% of Black people a hate group. This sense of everybody must love Raymond is how angry White men with a sick mentality as Adams cause them to plan genocide for Black people.

The Rasmussen Troll company did not take the time to survey some White Americans and ask, “is it OK to be Black?” Now that would be the question to ask. Since Black people in America do not have the authority to establish oppressive systems, nor do they possess the power to make policies/laws to suppress or oppress White people. Only a bunch of imbeciles would say it’s not OK to be “White.” That is the equivalent of saying it is not OK to be “Black, Red, or Yellow.” Pose the question to Black people: Is it OK to be Black? Perhaps Eighty percent of Black people would say no, it’s not OK to be Black because they are afraid of being Black or being profiled unjustly.

And they are so scared of being judged more harshly than their other counterparts for similar infractions, fearful of being redlined by banks, lenders, Real Estate agents, venture capitalists, etc. So Scott Adams once said he identified as being Black, now wants to crucify 100% of Black people because 1/4 of them allegedly (in a suspect poll launched by a fishy troll company) said it was not OK to be White. Scott Adams, you have a right to your thoughts and opinions and a right to identify as Black — my opinion? Scott Adams be quite — you do not know what it entails to be Black. Being “White” and pretending to be Black is not the same as being Black.

Recently British actor Idris Elba said he does not want to be considered a Black actor. Well, the next time Elba walks into a financial banking institution or a Hollywood executive office — tell them you are a white guy.

Here’s Is The Rasmussen Troll’s Poll That Send Dilbert Head Into A Rabid Frenzy Attacking Black America.

I don’t believe they should have canceled Scott Adams. We should place such cancer like Scott Adams in the in the sunlight so they can cure it.

I don’t believe Scott Adams speak for 100% of White America, although without Adams pleading with them to get the hell away from Black people, most Whites already have gotten the hell away from Black people. America is already a divided society based on race and neighborhood dwellings. And no, race is not a social construct — regardless of the hopes of W.E.B. Dubois.  

Media Corp USA: The Journal of Record

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