“Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown Gets Well-deserved Help.

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Gorilla Clueless Girl

Most Americans have seen the “Gorilla Glue” commercials on television — the starring role goes to a “gorilla” who presents industrialized strength glue to couples or families with broken furniture. The fractured victims then use Gorilla Glue to restore their broken furniture to new or to a stronger condition than before. Well, that is the message The Gorilla Glue Company tries to project to its audience.

Gorilla Glue Girl Being Treated

Tessica Brown’s Big Mistake Sticks With Her

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Well, in early February, 40-year-old Tessica Brown, a Louisiana native, took to social media (via Tic Tok) seeking advice from others on how to remove Gorilla Glue spray from your hair?
It turned out Ms. Brown had applied Gorilla to her ponytail and scalp, and the two have been inseparable since. Brown sought treatment at a local medical facility and neighborhood hair specialist — but to no avail. She suffered excruciating pain trying to undo her horrifying mistake.

Finally, Tessica Brown has been offered some well-needed help in the form of a top-notch Beverly Hills plastic surgeon: Dr. Michael Obeng. Dr. Obeng has offered to treat Tessica debacle free of charge. Beyoncé’s hairstylist Neal Farinah has provided a special wig for Ms. Brown and provided other assistance. Before the Ambulance Chasers could catch up to Brown and  carry out their stick up,  the Gorilla Glue Company released a statement that reads in part, “Gorilla Glue   “is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent.”

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