Kyrie Irving: “I know the consequences of my decision.” Biden Conspires With The Private Sector To Punish Innocent Citizens.

Kyrie Irving: The Face of Millions Of Americans

Kyrie Irving Moral Stance Could Cost Him $40 Million This Basketball Season

Sometimes men pave the road of History with the bodies of many moral human beings murdered by popular opinion — at the behest of men with a bull horn standing in a bully pulpit. Those leaders who kill conscientious objectors gain support frequently from their talking head followers with the loudest microphone. History shows Caesar will always seek to serve up on a platter to a bloodthirsty mob in the arena, the head of the “slave” who dares to challenge his unjust edict. Off with his head, Caesar would scream frantically to the butcher to appease the mob of savages, yelling in the arena, “Kill him, kill, kill him, kill him.” Just recall Colin Kaepernick and Donald J. Trump and his frantic followers. All of this has played out before in the Colosseum of Rome.

Last Tuesday, the Nets Basketball team owner, Joseph Tsai, gave General Manager Sean Marks the green light to banish, from the team, starting point guard Kyrie Irving for not revealing his COVID-19 vaccination status. Kyrie and his team’s managers have been in a standoff since New York City put outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio Draconian vaccine mandates in effect. Obeying orders from his private financiers — not his real boss — the people of New York, de Blasio ordered everyone in New York City to show their papers to work, buy, sell or trade with others in the city.

I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you: Former President Ronald Reagan (Tuskegee Scientist)

The road of Calvary is often lonely, and those who travel on it are frequently mocked, scorned, by ungrateful, ignorant cowards that line the side of the streets. They feed the travelers bearing the cross vinegar to quench their thirst to make the trek more burdensome. So the mouse says to the cat, “What’s fun and games to you is torture for me.” They took Rosa Parks to jail. Roe versus WadeBrown vs. the Board of Education, Kwame Ture, and Kyrie Irving on the “Trail of Tears.” History is not disjointed. It is a straight road — ofttimes, we refuse to glance in the rearview mirror to inform the present/future. Most men won’t pay attention to Dred Scott vs. Sanford and his neighbor Plessy vs. Ferguson. 

Kyrie Irving hasn’t said whether he’s vaccinated. They brand the star athlete because he refused to divulge his medical records. To date, President Trump has not revealed his medical records — notwithstanding the fake medical history that he paid a doctor to produce. Biden has not announced his medical record except for his appearance on TV showing him taking a “jab.” How about Biden getting a mental evaluation and revealing the results to the public? After all, he is the President.

Fauci Lieologist Courtesy National Museum

Like Colin Kaepernick’s cry for justice, the stookers of popular opinion misunderstand kyrie Irving’s stance. Colin Kaepernick lost millions of dollars in revenue for his moral stance, and Kyrie Irving potentially is losing millions. Kyrie Irving says he wants to be a face and voice for the tens of millions of Americans who are refusing to take the “jab.” The tens of millions more who have taken the “vaccine” are under duress and threats that they would not have the money to provide food, clothing, and shelter for their children and family. “When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. When the government fears the people, you have democracy.” Benjamin Franklin.

The public wants to know, has Governor Hochul ever had herpes, how many times Mayor Bill de Blasio caught syphilis? Those are outrageous and disgusting questions to ask those public servants. And the answer to those two questions is: It is none of the public’s business. They made the government up of people, and the people have no right to peer into the government’s bedroom, nor does the government have the right to peep into the private bedroom of the public. The government has no right to dig into the medical records of the people.

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