Police Officers Refused Mandate To Be Unreasonably Seized And Searched: Let Me See Your Arm Please!

Bill Draco De Blasio

Tens of thousands of police officers across several states are resisting Draconian measures implemented by the heads of some states and municipal government leaders to snatch, assault, and unreasonably search their bodies. Do you have a warrant for that search? This question is now the new mantra echoed by police unions across the Union.

Today at 5:00 p.m. New York City employees, who will work and not sit home and collect a welfare check, will be denied the right to work and provide food, clothing, and shelter for their families — by order of New York Mayor Draco “Bill” de Blasio.

Once hailed as essential workers and heroes, public servants are now frowned upon, tossed aside, by politicians, as pariahs and non-essentials. When a vast swath of the population was sheltering in place, heroes went to work to help keep the nation safe. Now, a corrupted New York mayor Draco De Blasio has threatened to deny a shelter and place for these same heroes who never stopped working during the pandemic lockdown.

Yesterday’s Heroes Turned Into Villains And Sacrificial Lambs By Scoundrel Bill de Blasio

As of October 29, 2021, of 36,000 NYC police officers, seven thousand (7000) have resisted mad Dr. Anthony Fauci’s injection mandate. Over 5000 FDNY employees or 30 percent a whopping 57 percent of N.Y. Sanitation workers have refused to take the serum. By some reports, many people suspected Fauci of funding the development of the COVID-19 disease that has caused thousands of deaths in America and millions of deaths worldwide. Thirty-one percent of New York government employees are still refusing to take the untested trial serum.

When mayors and governors queried to articulate the reason for the seizure, near strip search, and assault, they all gave the rehearsed answer: what Dr. Fauci says. Well, this mad scientist called Fauci is the most discredited doctor or witness in the world. Fauci has made so many misstatements and told so many outright lies, if he were in a Court of Law, any statements or additional testimony that he gives henceforth would be dismissed and thrown out. Doctors who believe Fauci primarily believe him because they pay them to accept him and repeat his misstatements.

New York City Employees And Their Supporters Protest Body Snatchers Mandate

n early 2020 through late September 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging across America like a wildfire, millions of Nurses, police officers, Firefighters, and Waste Management employees put on a stiff upper chin and went to work. The Federal Government was encouraging people to stay home and offering them lucrative financial incentives to hang out.

Useless and baseless Draco De Blasio once ran for the Presidency of the United States but failed to measure a pulse on the political Richter scale. The American people recognized him as the loser and scoundrel that he is and, they soundly rejected him.

Chicago’s Incompetent Mayor Lori Blacklips Issues Political Mandates On City Employees

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Blackfoot attempts to stick her bigfoot and black lips in behind the thousands of police officers and other city employees who have rejected her heavy-handed tactic to seize and search their bodies without a warrant.

Obama appointed German District Judge John Z. Lee sided with Lori Lightfoot to keep Lori’s political mandate in place, after Firefighters and Paramedics sued asking for an injunction against Lori’s political untested serum edict. The biased John Z. Lee sided with the mayor’s request because he’s linked to Biden via Obama.

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