Kyle Rittenhausen Verdict Reveals What happens When Someone Drops Money Into The Scales of Justice.

Jury Tampering.


A tainted Judge leads to a tainted trial leads to a tainted jury, which leads to a miscarriage of justice. Today Lady Justice removed her blindfold. She had her eyes wide open and her mindset on race and the color of Greenbacks. Judge Bruce Schroeder willfully tampered with the jury by throwing temper tantrums and getting emotionally windup as if he’s on the rag. Throughout the trial, Bruce Schroeder would clutch his imaginary pearls like a distraught well-to-do old white lady — whenever the prosecution team says something he didn’t like, and he wanted to signal the jury.

Kyle Rittenhouse Dobl

Babyface Killer Kyle Rittenhausen, Wanna-Be-Cop

Jacob Blake Ass ole kyle

Jacob Blake Recklessly challenged the Police

With over 50 years of practicing law, Schroeder still lacks judicial decorum. Only cowards take that buffoon masquerading as a judge seriously. Schroeder sits on the bench during the Rittenhouse trial sending subtle messages to the jury by supposedly admonishing the prosecutor every time he opens his mouth and deliberately says something stupid or violates “courtroom” procedures. Judge Ricky Schroder has no sense of neutrality.

On August 25, 2020, seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a long gun looking for trouble. Soon, Rittenhouse found the problem he went looking for. As night falls and a citywide curfew (imposed by Kenosha’s lawful authorities) went into effect, Rittenhouse became restless, and he traveled to an area where a set of people were protesting the August 23 shooting of an unfortunate unarmed man, 29-year-old Jacob Blake. While the police was attempting to take Blake into custody for domestic disturbance, Blake acted recklessly and challenged the police.

The police answered the challenge of the unarmed Blake who appeared to reach for something in his vehicle, and unfortunately Jacob Blake the resistor was shot in his back four times and in his side three times by Officer Rusten Sheskey — a 26 year police veteran. That is a crime. You don’t resolve one criminal act by committing another reckless criminal act. The paranoid cop (Rusten Sheskey) was rightly released from the police force.

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To Be Continued.

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