9-1-1 Operator: What is Your Emergency? Caller: There is A Black Man Running Down The Street. WTF.

Guilty X 3

Take Dodge City: people are coming and going all the time, good, bad, worst. Tempers are high. A man will draw his gun quicker to prove a point than to draw on his logic. [Matt Dillion, U.S. Marshal, Gunsmoke]

If the killing of Ahmad Arbery had taken place just two months earlier, his killers would have gotten away with it scot-free. But the atmosphere in which it occurred was about to become charged up with cries for justice. Three months after they killed Arbery, another murder happened in broad daylight in Minneapolis — at the hands of four police officers. The wholesale torture and murder of George Floyd set the stage for the cover-up of Arbery’s murder to where they uncovered and rehashed it.

On a Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2020, 25-year-old Ah maud Arbery went for a jog in Satilla Shores — a predominantly white neighborhood near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia. Ahmad Arbery never returned home. A neighborhood gang of three radical racialists, profiled, stalked, shot, and killed him:

  • A father and son duo
  • The McMichaels
  • Greg and Travis
  • Their wannabe cop neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan

The crime that Arbery committed that led to his death sentence? Trespassing. Arbery entered an empty open building that was under construction. He looked around, then left stealing nothing of material value. Arbery may have stolen the owner’s peace of mind, and for that, he paid the ultimate price.

White Trash Attorney Laura Hogue: A Wild Savage Most Foul.

Soon after Arbery jogged away from the building under construction, the McMichaels formed a posse, and the hunt was on for him. The McMichaels gang (including Bryan) gathered their weapons, chased, and found Arbery jogging down a neighborhood street.

Using their pickup trucks, long guns, and pistol, they corralled Arbery into a fight-or-flight position. When Arbery attempted to protect himself from the McMichaels’ posse by grabbing Travis’ gun pointing at him, Travis McMichael released three bullets into his body. Ahmaud Arbery fell to the ground, where he died with no one attempting to render first aid help.

After he shot Arbery, Travis McMichael — In what appears to be some crazy backwoods ritual, Travis then daubed Arbery’s blood all over his person.

Part One (1). 

To Be Continued.

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