Ahmaud Aubery Speaks From his grave to Attorney Laura D. Hogue: Only a Jackal Would Sleep With That Hussy.

America's Most Vile Attorney.

The attorney that uttered the most vile statement about a murdered victim, in the presence of his grieving mother.

“Son, I love you as much today as I did the day you were born.” Ms. Wanda Cooper-Jones said during her impact statement to the court. My youngest son was born on Mother’s Day of 1994. She continues, these men deserve the maximum sentence for their crimes. “Ahmaud never said a word to them — they were fully committed to committing their crimes.”

Then speaking on behalf of Ahmaud directly to America’s most vile attorney Laura D. Hog, Ms. Copper-Jones said, “He was messy. He sometimes refused to wear socks or take care of his clothing. I wish he would have cut and cleaned his toenails before going out for a jog that day. I guess he would have if he knew he would have been murdered,” Ms. Cooper-Jones states. My family is going to miss Ahmaud. “We are going to miss his jokes, his impersonations, and his warm smiles.”

Wanda Cooper-Jones With Her Son Ahmaud Arbery. The Safest Place For A Black Boy Is the Nine Months He Spends Living In His Mother’s Womb. Once He Comes Out Into The Wilderness, The Eagles Come In Search.

Judge Timothy Wamsley carefully listened to the statements of Ahmaud father, sister, his mother, and the prosecuting attorney. Judge Wamsley sentenced all three men to life in prison. Both McMichaels, Travis, and Gregory will “die in prison” unless they escape or a future president with a mindset like Donald J. Trump pardons them. The third defendant William Bryant will be 82-years-old when he becomes eligible for parole.

Most attorneys are intelligent people, and a defense attorney does all that s/he can do to get his client off for allegedly behaving. When Attorneys try a case — prosecutor or defense — they deal in facts related to the victim(s) and defendant(s) and surrounding circumstances that may have contributed to the crime, not fiction. And a few attorneys will fabricate evidence. Usually, their words are calculative and reflective of what they’re thinking.

For example, on Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz, AKA lying Ted, is a Harvard “educated” lawyer said, the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol was “a violent terrorist attack.” Cruz immediately came under attack from a prime-time machine of disinformation. One of the director’s misinformation invited Ted Cruz on his platform to discuss him temporarily switching from being Lying Ted to speaking the truth.

A Chief Propagandist and a Minister of Misinformation, Also Known As, Lying Ted.

The Minister of Disinformation and Propaganda hailed Cruz, then said, “Senator, they are a lot of dumb people in Congress — you’re not one of them. You never use words carelessly, and yet you called this a terror attack.” When by no definition of what happened is a terror attack. That’s a lie.” The point is Cruz is a lawyer, and most lawyers, when speaking publicly and professionally, say what they mean and mean what they say.

So when defense attorney Laura the Hog stood in a pristine courtroom and tried to justify the murder of Ahmaud Arbery because his toenails were un-kept or manicured. Do dirty toenails qualify a person for a death sentence? So do we round up about eighty percent of the homeless and shoot them? This Philistine Laura D. Hogue would justify the murder of Jesus the Christ because he wore sandals in the desert and ten to one did not have well-manicured toenails.

Most people aren’t perfect. Strip Laura D. Hog naked and let’s count her many imperfections. Using dirty toenails as a defense for murder makes attorney Laura D. Hogue America’s most vile attorney.

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