Two Macks Are Back: The Street Pimp, The Religious Pimp, Herschel Walker, and Raphael Warnock.

Raphael Warnock: “Nobody Knows The troubles I’ve Seen. Sweet Jesus.”

Earlier in the year, Senator Mitch McConnell said it might be hard for the Republicans to win back the Senate and the House because of a lack of quality candidates. We all know having quality political candidates is one way of winning a political contest. But if the Democrats wanted to be honest brokers about the state of the union, after watching Senator Warnock’s debate performance against Herschel Walker, they would pause and take a deep breath and echo Mitch McConnell’s words about candidate quality.

Judas Iscariots

Both candidates (Walker and Warnock) are Judas Priest doctors and prescribers of lousy medicine for the Black Community. Herschel Walker is the silliest of the two Iscariot. He will act entirely on behalf of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell if elected. Walker has not one original thought or anything comprehensive policies. His lack of depth only means he will depend on Sen. McConnell to tell him how to think and breathe. He’s a cold air balloon. Both men lack political acuity.

Walker is a mindless dumb jock, as some people have pegged him. He’s a puppet on a dangerous right-wing string. The good news is that he will keep folks on their toes if elected to the U.S. Senate. You cannot sleep with that bottle of arsenic named Herschel Walker lurking around and trying to infiltrate your drinking water.

The new face of the silly season, Walker has mastered the art of saying dumb s**t that not even Fox News would hire him to deliver their radioactive sludge on the Black communities. At least not yet; let’s wait and see what happens if he loses the Senate race. Fox News always has room for another dumb Negron to deliver its Talking Points.

Raphael Warnock is more sophisticated and slick. Rico Suave. He’s a pacifier for the Black Community. He sings you a lullaby that puts you to sleep. And while you’re asleep, he picks up your purse and pocket. Raphael Warnock will do nothing for the Black community and has done nothing since he went to the Senate. Warnock is a prop like Herschel Walker’s honorary fake police badge.

He has a church or a valley full of dry bones — folks dead from the neck to their head. They are “woke” but not awakened. Those are two different states of consciousness. Warnock’s valley is nothing more than a large hole, a ditch, or an uncovered grave. We know a valley is something one looks down inside. It is not something one looks upward to see.

The Warnock, Walker debate was an embarrassment to watch. Black intellectual voices in the media will call them out for what they are, but others won’t because they like to see dumbasses leading the Black Community. Oddly enough, Stacey Abrams possesses more intellect than Warnock and Walker combined in her pinky. Abrams will struggle with Jane Crow and the series of destructive social and political policies she platformed to champion. Excellent, Georgia, a state formed in the (British Colonies) Union in 1733 to be an all-white bastion, has three Black candidates running to govern and represent (lead) the state 290 years later.

et tu brute? Parricide.

Is Herschel Walker a scumbag? Yes. But what child stabs his father in his back while he’s reaching for his loftiest goal and dream? If Herschel Walker ever needs a reason to support legal abortion, the reason is that he gave life. What person in their right mind would go to bed with such a monster? One cannot go to sleep with that in one’s bed. Perhaps, Walker paid instead to abort the “wrong” seed.

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