Nikki Haley Attacks Black America In Bid For Vice Presidential Office — Proposed Nazi-Style Generic Testing.

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“I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me. I Wonder Who’s Watching Me Now? Who? The IRS?”

Former Gov. of South Carolina Nikki Haley has thrown her hat in the 3-ring circus known as the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Let the sideshow begin. Just as most white Republicans seeking power and the approval of White Supremacists, bigots, and Nazis in America, Nikki Haley gripped her balls and jumped on the backs of Black people. Riding on the backs of the democratic donkey to victory should be easy. Martin Luther King, Jr. said a man or White supremacists could not ride your back unless it is bent. Haley is just another two-bit loser standing in the shadow of former President Donald Trump. The base of her political platform is “fighting the woke mob.” Where have I heard that statement before?

After Donald Trump launched his 2016 Presidential bid attacking Mexicans as drug dealers and rapists, most Republicans developed this false sense that the path to the White House is to assail and attack “minority” groups to appeal to the basest instincts of rightwing-loon leaning Americans. People like bottom-feeder Florida Gov. Ronald DeSantis, Trump’s protégé who has launched an unannounced stealth campaign on the backs of Black America, the LGBTQ communities, education, and books.

Mrs. Haley is akin to politicians like bottom-feeder Florida Gov. Ronald DeSantis Trump’s protégé who has made attacking Black America his life’s mission. DeSantis has launched an unannounced stealth campaign on the backs of Black America, the LGBTQ communities, education, and books. On Monday, he visited Staten Island to test his message on a national audience. Staten Island isn’t nationwide; it is a dark section of America. This bastion of white supremacists is the home of ex-cop Daniel Pantaleo. Pantaleo choked Eric Garner to death, so he could brag that he took down a huge and more robust Black man than his miniature ass.

Look Into Those Skid row Eyes. Sometimes We Don’t Want To See What We See, But We Can’t Unsee What We See. 

We can often look into the eyes or face of someone, and if we are paying close attention, we can see the very definition of crazy as defined by the DSM. Nikki Haley’s face and eyes show clear distinctions of a psychotic person. And her manifested thoughts aren’t separated from her future intended actions. In 1939, If the world leaders (Neville Chamberlain, Herbert Hoover, Benito Mussolini, himself a despot) who met with Hitler had taken the time to look closely and deeply into his eyes and face, they would see that they had a murder super-predator and potential super mass murderer on their hands.

In 1925/1926, Hitler published his thoughts (about his personal struggle Mien Kampf) and future intended actions toward the Jews. No one took him seriously. Today Nikki Haley and others of her mindset are openly posting their thoughts and criminal intent on social media and public broadcasts news networks. Maya Angelou once said, “When a scum-sucker like Nikki Haley tells you who she is, believe her.”

Haley proposed a mental competency test for Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump because of their age. Most Americans will agree that Joe Biden is unfit to lead the country. But in 2020, most voters have spoken and chose Biden to lead the nation. Polls show that more than half of those who voted for Biden have buyer’s remorse. To remove him from office, they need to invoke the 25th amendment or wait for 2024 to vote him out.

Many politicians are older than former South Carolina Gov. Sickly Haley, yet they run rings around her in a mental competency test. Take 81-year-old Bernie Sanders, for example, and 84-year-old Maxine Waters and 82-year-old Nancy Policy, stacked up mentally against Ms. Sickly Haley’s; mental capacity is that of an eight-year-old kid. On the one hand, she’s using Trump’s playbook while denouncing him on the other hand. Trump would like to send DeSantis and Haley a message. As Rapper Lil’ Kim would say, “Get your (own) shit bitch. Why are you riding mine?”

Haley is running for Vice President, yet she doesn’t know that

Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, including the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA). She should apply for Dog Catcher. Poor little brown girl.

Sen Mitch McConnell was correct; there are few quality candidates. The Republican Presidential pool of selection is atrocious. It’s not a pool. It is a sewer at the bottom of a gutter. Even the worst of the last batch (Jeb Bush) in 2016 that Trump managed to obliterate would do better than the best of what we currently have on the list and potential roster. 

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