Since When Ringing Your Neighbor’s Doorbell Becomes A Crime Punishable By Death? Andrew Lester/Missouri vs. Ralph Yarl. 


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Attempted Murderer: Andrew D. Lester.

An 84-Year-Old White Man Shoots a sixteen-year-old Black Neighbor for ringing his doorbell. Jeb Bush Strikes Again With “Stand Your Ground,” or trigger-happy neighboring. An errand many parents ask kids to do in America every day — asking an older sibling to pick up his younger siblings.

Innocuous, right? Not if you are sixteen-year-old Ralph Yarl living in Missouri. Missouri was the 12th state to secede and petitioned General Robert Lee to become a member of his insurrection. In October 1862, they joined the fight against the Union to overthrow the government.

On Thursday, April 13, Yarl’s mother, Cleo Nagbe, sent him to (115th Terrace) to pick up his younger twin siblings at a friend’s house. Yarl mistakenly drove to 115th Street, the residence of 84-year-old Andrew Lester. Lester heard his doorbell ring; he saw a sixteen-year-old standing outside on his front veranda.

Armed with a 32-caliber revolver, Lester immediately shot Yarl in the head through the glass door. When Yarl fell to the ground, Lester opened his front door and reshot the teenager — this time in his arm — while he was on the floor.

“Don’t come around here again,” Lester warned the teen. The Bernhard Getz effect: You don’t look so bad — here’s another bullet. Lester and his attorney plan to use the “Stand Your Ground law” as his defense, a Missouri state statute.

Ralph Yarl Aunti Faith Spoonmore

Separated Twins At Birth: Ben Crump And Faith Spoonmore.

Even trained delivery people such as Letter Carriers misdeliver mail, and Amazon and UPS drivers make address mistakes. We don’t shoot religious people that knock on our doors. The Jeb Bus law that was put in place to trigger happy vigilantes has been controversial since its inception.

Miraculously Yarl was able to run down the street begging for help. After banging on the doors of three residences, the third person assisted him. The neighbor commanded him to lie on the ground and put his hand above his head before rendering aid.

At first, Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson refused to charge Andrew Lester with a crime. And Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves ordered her detectives to release Lester after less than two hours of questioning. Only after pressure from the Department Of Justice the community and other outside forces issued a warrant for the old redneck Andrew Lester.

The mother of Ralph Yarl Cleo Nagbe and Auntie Faith Spoonmore are making the best of this tragedy to raise money for their next Gucci handbag. So far, they have raised over 3.5 million dollars from sympathizers on GoFundMe. They look as happy as a pig in shit. They don’t come across as genuinely concerned relatives.

From mistaken identity to an incorrect street address, either one could prove deadly if the mistaker is a trigger-happy bigot and the person on the other side of the fence is Black.

Since When Ringing Your Neighbor’s Doorbell Is Becomes A Death Sentence? When Your Neighbor Is An 84-Year-Old White Man, And You’re Black.

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