Tennessee Oust Two Tick Tock Hybrid Politicians: Justin Jones, Justin Pearson. Memphis Ku KLUX Clan House Members Got This One Right.

Two Putz Reinstated.

Thursday, April 06, 2023, members of the Tennessee House, Brooks Brothers suit-wearing Ku KLUX Klan ousted two attention-starved Black State Reps. Pearson and Jones.

What was the reason for the ouster? Both ousted members left the rostrum and walked down onto the floor of the chambers, where hundreds of protesters gathered to argue with their elected officials for gun control—feeling a sense of jealousy, the two Tic- Tocker who thought the protesters were getting more attention than they — joined the mob in their attempt to take over the session — screaming through bullhorns at their colleagues. JERKOFFS.

Reps Pearson, Jones, and Johnson are three substanceless showboats Tic Tock politicians, the Alexander Ocasio of Tennessee, and her Washington cohorts, AKA: The Madd Squad. They live for thumbs up and likes on Social Media while accomplishing nothing substantive for their constituents.

Control activists rightly protested their elected officials’ lack of -action on gun control. The need for attention was too great, so it overrode their senses.

Left Photo: Foxy Brown, Right Photo El De barge.

The Tennessee House Scalawags, most Tennessee Legislators, saw the two attention-grabbing (state Representatives) activists, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, decidedly as clowns running interference for the gun-control activists.

The Tennessee Republican lawmakers are in the pay of the NRA — as are all Republican lawmakers nationwide — moved against the two jigging show-men Jones and Pearson. They voted to give them a political necktie party. The Scalawags spared a White woman (Johnson) from expulsion. One vote limited the ouster of Representative Gloria Johnson.

After about a week, the KKK reinstated Afro Puffs and Things (Justin Jones). He then went on a Jiggaboo sideshow, attempting to equate himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The late great Martin Luther King, Jr. was never a Jiggaboo — to the contrary.
These two cats Justin Jones look like El DeBarge on a bad hair day, and his co-star Justin Pearson looks more like an emaciated version of Foxy Brown (Pam Grier.) You go on sexy with your bad self.

The three primary ways to change political systems are running for office and winning, voting for your preferred candidate and hoping s/he wins, or attacking the design from the outside. One cannot have it both ways. The Tennessee Ku KLUX Klan should not have returned those two Dickless, man-hating professional hecklers to the office. Showman.

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