Race Riots In A Jason Aldean’s Small Town: Montgomery, Alabama.


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Sucker Punched.

Hero of The Day: 16-year-old Aaren Rudolph Swam About 50 Feet to Rescue His Crewmate From A Bunch Of Thugs.

A Black co-captain of a riverboat (Damien Pickett) was working on the Dock of the Bay while a group of redneck Alabamians were drinking on the bay’s dock, wasting time away. And then it happened. The lyrics of Try That In A Small Town” came to light — a song performed by Jason Aldean, a new Nazi with old fashion Nazi ideas for interacting with Black people. 

A fight broke out after Pickett tried for about 45 minutes to get the owners of a pontoon to move their boat to allow the big wheel riverboat to dock. So Proud Mary could keep on rolling. They refused and slaved and beat Picket instead.

Country singer Aldean starts his song, “Try That In A Small Town,” which quickly became the new redneck anthem, by singing, “Sucker punch somebody on a sidewalk.” From thence, the mediocre performer highlights Fox News talking points with backing videos of crime incidents in Urban cities.

On Saturday, August 05, a group of hostile Alabamian Jason Aldean fans started a brawl seen around the world. Unprovoked, one wicked boater started the brawl by sucker punching Boat Yard employee Damien Pickett. After observing the dock worker under attack on the pier, the Black onlookers responded by acting out a Twisted Sister Rock & Roll song; they said, “We are not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it, we’re not gonna take it anymore.

“We’re right (YEAH!)

We’re free (YEAH!)

We’ll fight (YEAH!)

You’ll see (YEAH!)

Well, Jason Aldean, it happened in a small town. And it was your fans that sucker punched a man for doing his job. Jason Aldean, what cha gonna ’bout it? COWARD! Are you going to get your grand pappy’s gun that you sing about, and do the round up? Jason Aldean is your typical law and order Republican.

They incite people to attack government buildings and the unsuspecting, but when the sh*t hits the fan, they go hiding — never to be seen. At least, man up and bail out and hire attorneys for your thug fans.

Jason Aldean performs in front of a Tennessee courthouse where they lynched an 18-year-old Black boy in 1927. Aldean sings about rounding up Black people as his grandfather did: Arrested Development.

The Damien Pickett’s Clown Show.

Sixteen-year-old Arren Rudolph stole the moment when he jumped into the river, swam about 50 feet to defend and rescue his crew mate Damien Pickett. While Rudolph performed valiantly, Pickett put on a clown show. The kind of clown shows too many Black men are willing to enact even while under attack.

The video shows a heated argument between co-captain Pickett and disobedient and unruly patrons. Pickett’s antenna did not go up. He did not prepare for an attack. And when Pickett got kangaroo kicked and punched — what did he do? He performed. First, he put both hands up to take off his cap. Thus leaving all of his torso and face exposed to more incoming attacks.

Alabama Police Arrested Three Race Rioters In Racial Attack On Black Riverfront Worker.

Pickett then put his cap in his left hand — all this during an attack — then transferred it to his right hand. Pickett then used his (dominant) right hand to throw his hat — in the air. Mr. Pickett then looked up at his headdress flying in the air. While Pickett did his show, his initial attacker got three blows to his neck, face, and torso.

Of the assailants who appeared White, at least seven wore caps (men and women) none took the time to take off their hats and preen. Only Pickett. The day goes to sixteen-year-old Aaren Rudolph — most prepared. 

Side note: (1) It’s great to see Mr. Pickett survive the assault.

(2) We believe Jason Aldean has a right to exercise his First Amendment Rights and sing his abhorrent songs.


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