Indicted 4 Times In 4 Months: Impeached Twice In 2 Years—Trump.

Criminal Defendant.

Would Hillary Clinton Call Trump A Super-Predator? Indicted 4 Times — 100 Charges.

On Monday, August 14, 2023, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 co-conspirators for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election. At about 11:36 p.m., Willis announced the 41-count indictment against Trump and his backseat drivers in the Republican’s clown car.

The Fulton County D.A. laid down the gauntlet like a Pitbull in a skirt. After reading the charges, she made it clear the 19 criminal defendants (including former President Trump) had until high noon on August 25 to turn themselves in to be processed — mugshot and fingerprinted.

So far, Trump has cut deals with the judges, media, and prosecutors not to have his mugshot taken. The game in Georgia is a tad bit different.

Trump insulted D.A. Willis by calling her a Hoe that had an affair with a drug-dealing gangster. She is plenty mad about that. DA Willis states the former President and his coconspirators have been charged under Georgia’s RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.) “They have charged trump with criminal intent to interfere with the 2020 Presidential election.”

The accused are Donald J. Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Kenneth Chesebro, Jeffery Clark Jenna Ellis, Robert Cheeley, Mike Roman, David Shafer, Shawn Hill, Stephen Lee, Harrison Floyd, Trevian Kutti, Sidney Powell, Cathy Latham, Scott Hall, Misty Emily Hampton and Ray Smith.

Trump’s eighteen accused/indicted co-conspirators, minus 30 unindicted co-conspirators / or singing birds.

By August 25th, we expect the media to pressure Willis not to take a mugshot of Trump. That is a hard pill for them to swallow to see their main deity Trump held accountable for trying to destroy America.

The usual two main factors that shield, protect and give immunity to many White males in America — wealth and “white” skin have caught up to former president Donald Trump. On Monday evening, Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis handed up ten criminal indictments on Donald J. Trump. The new charges bring to 100 plus charges spread out over four indictments of Trump. Is the new indictment enough to this curb his bad addictive habits of committing crimes with impunity?

Will it put him in check? But will this new set of accusations cause Trump, a man of privilege who no one has ever said no, to stop misbehaving? Is this fourth indictment enough to make him cease his crime spree? Or will Trump continue on his rampage? Is it more likely that the former President will continue his path of destruction like a serial killer until they put him in jail?

The best and most prudent thing for Trump to do now is to have his lawyers work out a plea deal with all these prosecutors hounding him. Cop an agreement, and remove the probabilities of him going to the pokie. Mr. former President, you are an O.G., see if you can get Rudy to take one for the team. He’s already bent over at a ninety-degree angle.

If not, see if he’ll take a page out of the movie “City Hall” starring Al Pacino and do like Frank Anselmo, played by Danny Aiello — do himself. Giuliani is a useless piece of fraud, anyway.

Or, Mr. Former President, you can continue to incite your mob zombie-like followers to riot and commit murder and rip America apart.

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